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  1. great reel! nice flow animations
  2. The beginning is really great. I loved the shadows, positive and negative elements... The only thing I didn´t like are the clouds, too much Psyop to me... I think could be different. Sometimes the camera move too fast either. I know how hard is to control everything in such big projects as musc videoclips.... it seams neeeever end but it´s good
  3. renatokg

    I Sandra sto Fos

    Be welcome! ow that´ss great to know.. I just bought a hv20 this year but I didn´t do anything cool with it... I only shoot the mickey mouse in Disney hehehe
  4. great reel the pinball really rocks
  5. it´s classic and powerfull !! Nice analogies, well done animation for a good cause. congrats!
  6. renatokg

    I Sandra sto Fos

    hi I really enjoy it. Nice edit and care with details. Poetic... wonderfull What kind of camera did you use?
  7. very nice reel man I loved since the beggining till the end you rock
  8. amazing work, perfect color match and strong broadcast graphics really really good
  9. loved it man pretty awesome the pages are dope
  10. renatokg

    renato klieger

    thanks man It´s a shame the flipbook is a copy from another spot. Anyway, it´s not my fault.. Sometimes I´m just a robot in the system... ehehe anyway, thanks again
  11. renatokg

    renato klieger

    Hello A long time I promess to relaunch my new website, but now it´s done. And a new demoreel also. hope you all like it! It´s with some bugs yet from the template I bought. I am still fixing it. www.renatokg.com cheers ! Renato Klieger
  12. dont forget : - symmetric things - vector shields - ornaments that grows and the classic - 3d f*** stroke
  13. Hello guys. I just want to share with you the new website from Terracota Films and also a new demoreel. We are a VFX and Motion Design company from Brazil. http://www.terracota.com.br/ Hope you all like it. Any suggest are welcome! Thanks!
  14. renatokg


    PRetty amazing website and work financial times just rox!
  15. nice works I just loved them all
  16. really great style and nice colored draws I always love cel animation with a special treatment and imagination
  17. really good rendering! btw.. I enjoy your work a lot.. classic
  18. the part I most enjoy was the fly donuts in simpsons. and I also think you need an intro
  19. renatokg

    GWEN REEL 08

    Hey I really enjoy the first luxe.tv spots, with a clean and smart colors style... About the green screen scenes, are you using a regular camera with a 35 mm adaptive as you show there? I ask because i just bought a HV20 to shot some sequencies and don´t know exactly how to improve it with 35mm lens... Which camera is it? anyway, nice reel! cheers
  20. renatokg

    My work

    why you french people are SO cool?! ahn?! answer me!! ehehhe you have an amazing illustration style, fashionable but poetic just loved, really
  21. yeah no problem with the pink sperm either.. nice animations
  22. Hey simple amazing works, specially the artwalk one. really good
  23. uhauhahahaha I´m on it for sure and the guy is just amazing. Loved them all, specially the Shaws/Tronic Studio one
  24. amazing as always loved the money one
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