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  1. Client : letters appear from nowhere I make letters comes from the left Client : Yes,thats good so beware,nowhere is on the left side
  2. somebody mention working on that movie in fusion mail list and as you can see here,that is the truth http://eyeonline.com/Web/EyeonWeb/Communit...roductions.aspx so you can ask eyeon folks and i guess they will give you some infos or direction in which to ask further,they are very nice ppl other option me be go to Pigsfly DF User Group (www.pigsfly.com) or to join mail list mentioned above Fusion-L Mailing List (fusion.laffeycomputer.com) and ask there hope this helps
  3. http://www.bluepen.net/trailerpage/ from what i heard,will have about 1 hour of cgi,and that is something unseen in serbian cinematography
  4. any news about fusion beside linux version ? eyeon should be demoing new 5.1 beta at siggraph and from the news on their site,looks like great update...if you have see demonstration of the new features,can you please post some comment,i know fusion is not favorite mograph software,but i like it very much so any news is welcome eyeon announced today the new features to their latest version of Fusion’s advanced workflow image processing engine, including: 3DS, OBJ and FBX Support - Allow for importing of models and scenes. Projector in 3D – Project images and live action onto 3D geometry. Bender 3D - Fusion now applies twists, tapers, bends and skews. Additional Tools - 3D Displace, Sky Creator and Distort tools. Paint Enhancements - New multi-stroke paint features dramatically improve paint performance. Mask Improvements – Masks now use standard tools like Merge or Boolean. Multi-Path Maps – A necessary background utility for large networks. Universal Plug-Ins – Windows and AE plug-ins are able to run under Linux. UI Improvements and Functionality - Color organization of Flow tools, plug-in LUT loaders, file browser enhancements and a hot key manager. The Fusion 5.1 beta program of eyeon’s universal cross-platform application will be implemented directly following Siggraph, simultaneously on multiple Linux distributions and Windows. The latest version of Fusion 5.1 has also been thoroughly tested on Intel-based Macs.
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