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  1. Didn't know you were in Jax.. I'm here too..
  2. You could always join Lynda.com... They have good basic stuff!
  3. revilo1


    Among the others, I have been reading MONEY lately... good stuff. Loys of explanations of things in language you can understand.
  4. The error is on the camera. The LCD screen shows the error message and won't let me play in HDV mode, only DV and Auto. But I'm also having some issues with the FCP too. some of the easy setups don't show the frame rate I shot it. and I have to turn on FCP and then connect fire wire? And sometimes it won't see the camera and I have to turn it on and off a couple of times and relaunch FCP too?
  5. I went out over ther weekend and shot a bunch of footage in HDV mode. I went to capture in FCP 6.0 and when I switched to VCR mode on the camera, I got an error/warning message that says, "Video playback not allowed, std playback error" with a yellow flashing warning sign and red text. If I switch the camera to DV or auto I can watch the footage on the camera, but it will not connect to FCP in those modes? I am also having what i call buggy issues with the camera and FCP in general.? I wanted to see if anybody else has had same issues or similar or where to resolve?
  6. for anybody that is interested, it's a pretty amazing camera too.
  7. cool. I'll dig around there a bit. I've sen a couple of other forums but mainly a lot of ranting and raving (and not the good kind). Just need to some info.
  8. I just purchased a canon xh-a1 and it's amazing. I have run itno a couple of problems while using it (being locked out of hdv mode for capture/playback and a couple of tothers) and was wondering if anyboduy out there has a a good resource/forum similar to mograph to join and get some good useful advice, tips, techniques? Any help would be greatlly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. hmmph.... don't even know what to say
  10. revilo1

    Hey all..

    WOW!!! I'm at a loss for words
  11. Always amazing!! thanks for all your hard work and great looking tutorials!!
  12. revilo1

    Thieves suck

    anybody looking for low cost gear???? just kidding... That sucks man!! I started putting versions of my reel on my server just in case..... Good luck...and may the bastards pay for what they have done!
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