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  1. maybe this one from parasol island ?
  2. freddy


    ah yeah feel the magic of soccer.. some very nice games ! does anyone know who did the graphic package ?
  3. freddy

    Indiana Jones

    i was really disappointed when i walked out of the theater. all the points mentioned before, extreme use of cgi, gophers (wtf?), the refrigerator incident ( wtf 2 ?), the monkeys (i was expecting george of the jungle to appear side by side with shia) and finally the ending ! Damn ! The only thing missing was a Scully and Mulder cameo ! really, really disappointed ..
  4. hey everybody. i remembered seeing a corporate video done by some well known studio here on mograph. sadly i don't remember any names.. The corporate video (it was quite long) was entirely graphic and they used a lot of typography. the predominant color was Blue. thats all i remember. so if anyone remembers something and can point me in the right direction with details i would be very glad. i tried the spot search and the search function here on the board, but quite frankly i didn't know what to look for.. thanks freddy
  5. AE7: windows cycle through layers: ctrl+ up or down arrow
  6. yeah, same here. save as CS2 to get layers into AE
  7. excelent man ! i finished the book yesterday. it took the woman 6 books to master the art of suspense. book 7 kicked ass and she did a fine closure with this one. i was very happy when i turned the last page.
  8. hey Matthew. nice site and nice reel. really enjoyed watching it. you have some good stuff in there. the only thing i found a little bit out of place in your reel was the 3d scene deconstruction at the end. i found it takes out the "rhythm" of the reel. anyway, congrats, nice cut and edit ! whats the name of the song you used ? cheers
  9. freddy

    new design

    thanks for the feedback guys ! sermon: yeah some diversity would improve it and add depth. palmer: agreed. main page looks empty. thanks for taking a look at it !
  10. freddy

    new design

    yeah, carcass rocks ! no comments at all ?
  11. freddy

    new design

    Hey everybody, I decided to upload a new design and post my final reel. comments and constructive criticism is appreciated ! thanks freddy http://freddy.puropixel.com/v3/
  12. freddy

    Fresh portfolio

    nice site dude ! well executed you got some good graphics in there
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