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  1. Absolute true.

    I think that the most important upgrade for AE (since x.y.z position that now is integrated -is it?) would be to have proxys of other projects in your project.

    They would develop and update as other users are working on them.

    Ahhhh -sweet Dream ;)

    Not even Flame or Inferno has this option.

  2. I am very sorry -but with and without help from really talented people it is not possible to run premiere on OSX without dramatic crashes,freezes and graphic anomalies.

    I hoped to have this "Bridge" between EDL capture and AE but this seems to be a dream in theory.


    running 10.5.5 on macpro cs4 16gb ram, production premium -all updates installed.

  3. I always wanted to have a solution for this problem:

    How to have a particle generator that would not random generate individual particles but linear:

    Iwant to say this: to have particles generate a still frame of a sequence like 1-2-3-4-5.... but keep them in place of origin.

    Like if you would make multiple snapshots of a movement over time.

    Sorry to interfere with that question...

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