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  1. you can do it in Maya by creating an emitter and changing the particle type to blobby surfaces. If you go into the render attributes for the particle shape... there's a button under render attributes that says "current render type" click that and then screw with the threshold and radius properties to get the lava type look. hope that helps. Aaron.
  2. Aaron

    Aaron 06 Reel

    I Made a few changes based on the feedback i got from you guys... added some new pieces and tightened up the edit. http://www.iondesignteam.com/aaron/movies/...n_06_reel04.mov Aaron.
  3. Aaron

    Aaron 06 Reel

    Thanks for the critique jaan. i agree with you, especially on the lack of secondary elements. Recently I've been trying to focus a lot more on preproduction to further develop the look before jumping into the animation, and that seems to be helping. I went to a school that focused more on technical things than design, so your description is pretty accurate... As always the feedback that i've gotten has been very helpful. I'll probably have a new cut up soon. thanks, Aaron.
  4. Aaron

    Aaron 06 Reel

    thanks for checking out my reel. The end graphic definitely needs to have more of a purpose. That is one of the things that I knew I would have to go back and work on. Yeah, the music is wolf parade. It's off of apologies to the queen mary... great cd. Thanks for the kind words spicoli. I checked out your reel the other day when you posted it. It's encouraging to get positive feedback from designers that have strong reels like yours. Aaron.
  5. Aaron

    Aaron 06 Reel

    Hello, I started working on a new reel today. My new site is coming soon, but I wanted to get some feedback on the reel in the meantime. I was hoping to finish more spec projects so that my reel wouldn't consist of so much corporate work, but for now that is what I've got. Thanks for any critiques/advice you can give. Aaron. http://www.iondesignteam.com/aaron/movies/aaron_06_reel.mov
  6. The myspace jobs search is surprisingly decent. I did a search for "motion graphics" the other day and it returned a large list of relevant jobs from craigslist, production hub and a bunch of other job sites. Aaron.
  7. I've had decent results using smedge. I use it with a small render farm, just 2 machines... which i guess is more of a render garden, but it's easy to setup and you can use it with most 3D apps and after effects. Aaron.
  8. I've only had to use 3d camera tracking a few projects, but boujou bullet has worked wonders every time. It was pretty easy to get the camera data into maya and AE... the same would probably be true for 3D Max
  9. Aaron

    Free Maps

    http://www.nearestexit.com/projects/maps/ I've only looked at the usa map, but it's very nicely done and well organized. Aaron.
  10. One more time. The only thing I changed was the way the body swings and falls at the end and the timnig of the last sound effect. Does the last sound effect match the animation now? I've watched it too many times and it's hard to tell at this point. I think this is the last version I'll do. Thanks for all the feedback. I think the end product is a lot better than what I initially posted as a result of the feedback I got. http://www.iondesignteam.com/aaron/movies/..._logo04_web.mov Aaron.
  11. Aaron

    First Reel

    Nice work. I like the mazda thing at the beginning. The box thing didn't really bother me, although there might have been too much of it. I thought the Noni 3d text thing and por un favor particle explosion piece were the weakest pieces. Aaron.
  12. Thanks for all the feedback, again. graymachine - I get what you're saying, I'm just thinking of it in a different way. I think the pain caused by the letters squeezing his head would be so excruciating that there wouldn't be time for a WTF moment... just an instant frenzy and struggle. I think it could go either way and still work. Jaan - I appreciate the detailed feedback. After reading your reply I waited a day and then watched the animation again. I agree with you about the body swing at the end. I think i'll probably tweak that and then call this finished. Aaron.
  13. I just updated my logo animation. I made a few changes, mostly based on feedback I got from mograph members. Thanks again for the feedback. http://www.iondesignteam.com/aaron/movies/..._logo03_web.mov Aaron.
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