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    new demo reel...

    Finally got around to making a new demo reel. First one I've made in years, so I'm a little rusty. Would appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks. https://vimeo.com/135727446
  2. That's weird, I haven't noticed that yet in 2015. But I would always get that happening in 2014. Sucks having to wait for it to finish caching before you could do anything.
  3. Also just noticed now you don't have to precomp your luma matte layers if you add effects to them anymore. This shoulda been on the front page of new features!
  4. Haven't done any benchmarks or anything, but they render a heck of a lot faster. You don't have to hit Caps to stop the viewport from updating anymore, so I'm assuming something they took out helped it along.
  5. uhh... has anyone else noticed these new render times? I can't even compare how fast the bar goes vs 2014. I guess disabling the viewport really helped things out.
  6. New install. You can install this and also keep older versions. You have to go into Advanced settings before you install, and uncheck "Remove older versions" Now it's time to start transferring over plugins and seeing what breaks.
  7. Pretty sneaky how you try to get everyone to uninstall CS6 there Todd... Seems a lot more responsive, which is awesome. Adaptive Resolution now actually lets me scrub along in a 175+ layer comp now Ram previews are faster too. That alone makes me happy.
  8. Build your own, it's not that hard. You pretty much just plug everything in. Is that ram 32gb or 64gb? If you've got money to burn, get closer to 128 or 196. I think 4 of those titans is overkill too. It's not like you're going to see 4x the speed of 1 titan. With each additonal card it marginally increases some stuff and/or can power your main viewport, while the Vray RT window, or whatever renderer you're using, updates.
  9. Raspberry Pi + camera module + processing + wifi = walking realtime mograph generator!
  10. I really hate this news. The last thing I want is Adobe controlling the future of Nuke/Nuke Studio.
  11. Ah, yeah i was thinking it was the nature of the GPU rendering. But Vray can distribute it's GPU render across the network, I was just surprised they don't even allow it. The best use I've discovered for it is creating a lot of out of focus bokeh shapes with abstract reflections, etc... It's great for that, but kinda sucks for clean hi-res renders.
  12. I was surprised to find out that Element 3D doesn't support network rendering - at all. No licensing options even exist. The guy from video copilot told me that some people have tried it with varying success. Are any of those people here, and could you offer any advice on how to get that working? I love E3D for how quick it is, but I always end up having to jack up the AA and sampling settings to get rid of the crawlies...Hoping to get it on the network to get the render times down.
  13. Not sure if there's another issue at play here, but usually it just takes fiddling around with aperture and focus distance. Too high of an aperture can make them disappear.. I'd toggle DOF on and off, make sure that's the problem first, then set aperture to 0, and slowly increase it up along with focus distance to see exactly when things go wrong. Also, make sure your emitter is putting them far enough apart to get a big variation between in focus and out of focus(emitter size Z, etc..)
  14. No Way, he did that freaky little drummer girl?
  15. Alas, gifts are gifts... which means you have to let them go... so you may use it however you wish. sounds like he already did.
  16. The icons for comps and image sequences? One more quick question while I'm here. Is there a known bug with holding alt+middle click in the graph editor to scale the view around? Whenever I try it, the pointer pops to the magnifying glass, and then pops back to the pointer and nothing happens... How do you scale the view in and out?
  17. Is there any talk about changing the little icons for the assets from B&W back into color? Very hard to differentiate the types of files in there.
  18. This might be really old news, but I just upgraded to the latest version of Looks, from an old version. And it sucks. They removed the features that let you specify input, preview, output gammas. So I have to make 2 additional adjustment layers to surround the Looks effect, just so I can see what I'm doing in the previewer. Why would they remove those features? The more I use Red Giant's stuff the more I really hate them.
  19. I always check my renders as they render.
  20. Use this trick a lot in Nuke when I'm trying to create a certain matte, or line things up. works really well.
  21. I use this a lot, but the problem with this is it doesn't show up in Save As or Open dialog boxes. Along the left edge there is Recent Places, Desktop, Libraries, Computer, Network, is there anything that can put some custom folders in there?
  22. I'm currently working on a project where I'm animating some vector .ai characters in AE. At first I brought in all the layered .ai files, but it was just painfully slow to animate. I find it's faster to just save out separate rasterized images for each body part and use those instead. It talkes longer to setup and will be more work if I have to update the artwork, but it's faster to work with in AE. Is it because the "Continous Rasterize" option just adds a lot of processing time? They're also all 3D layers... I don't do a lot of this type of work, what's the best workflow for that?
  23. I've had weird issues with C4D's .exr sequences before, took extremely long time to read and work with. It was an intermittent issue that I never figured out, maybe try the above and use uncompressed? What version of AE are you using? Supposedly the new CC updates are supposed to help with .exr's.
  24. That's awesome news, definitely well deserved. It's good to hear that they value employees who are involved with the community.
  25. Oh no way. Guess it's time to upgrade.
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