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  1. thumbs up for the inertia bounce - priceless. cheers Beaver
  2. I've done 3 of the 5 terms so far. It's worth the pricetag for Background fundamentals alone. Mike normally demos stuff in a Flame but that's not important. Looking forward to the Imagineer stuff this term for which they've got VPNs.
  3. yep - clone. was reading up on a technique in Mark Christiansiens book "After Effects 7 studio techniques" for grain averaging which would work a treat for ya (if its a locked off shot with no camera movement) erm - requires expressions so I guess you are stuck with clone.
  4. Boost


    turn off the computer for sure, I like to pick up my guitar and turn the amp up loud!
  5. Thats called 'Edit in place' as used in flash - I've thought that might be useful also.
  6. I couldnt get Ae7 demo or 6.5 pro working on my intel imac maybe due to the same reason. I decided to go the bootcamp route as I figured it would run faster under windows and I have 6.5 pro for windows anyway. Maybe adobe will do a cross grade for me when they release the intel mac native version hopefully in the near future.
  7. a shit pump! I am not joking here folks, we had to make a pump thing which pumped shit look good. with some informational overlays. Was a long time ago mind. Been doing live event graphics recently which have been very uninspiring. I guess its because people have powerpoint on the brain.
  8. you gotta be firm for sure, It has taken me a long time to get to the point where I know how to deal with clients (it was even worse when I was working in web as a website is never properly finished) I dont go so far as any written contracts but recently I have to admit that I've been giving it some thought. I mean sometimes a client just takes the pi$$ for example: I was given a brief to create some graphics for an event and given some printed material to follow for styling. The client then dissappears on holiday leaving me to knock up some "animations" in effect giving me artistic control (after signing of a storyboard) On return from holiday they then take a complete u-turn and issue me with a new style/story board. I agree to do it (no extra cost) and I stick quite literally to their board even though I know it looks weak, they then have the cheek to tell me that it is lazy and lacking in impact, all this after me working until 1am. Sometimes I think you are just better off without certain clients.
  9. "Pages" seems to work well with .doc files also. I've ditched office since I got it
  10. Boost

    Time Trumpet

    caught that for the 1st time a couple of weeks ago, The BBC have aired a couple of experimental comedy shows recently and this one is definately the best.
  11. Dont forget to use the "Interpret footage" option if some of the source material looks a bit squished.
  12. The stumble out of bed option fits me most days recently. Apart from that, Bus/bike as I figured my car was an uneccessary. The public transport system in Belfast is pretty shit but at least I dont have any 1 hour long commutes. bike is definately the way forward if its only a few miles.
  13. Ca't htink of any off the top of my head but theres a section in total training DVD that does exactly this. It explains well how to place and animate light source working with shadow options and depth of field. Might be worth checking out if you get stuck with the technique.
  14. Boost

    Logo - WIP

    looks a tad complicated to me. also very aggressive almost blade like - u know bruces nemesis in enter the dragon type thiing.
  15. cheers for the link, motion designers in their 40s? - now theres a thought
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