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  1. states

    Contour & Shape

    cheers cobra this piece earned me my 3rd Staff Pick a few days ago as well !
  2. states

    Contour & Shape

    my latest audio-visual piece shot entirely on the (cheapo) MS kinect v1
  3. Denial of Service´╗┐ | RED.CROSS_RED.CRESCENT music video (originally meant as accompaniment for the live gigs) for one my freshly resurrected & re-done tracks. political glitch, i believe this is called ... lot's of datamoshes, displacement and all sorts of glitches on found footage, frenetically cut in sync to the rhythm. https://vimeo.com/108153867
  4. thank you so much for taking the time to review and post your very sharp & useful critique Binky ! much appreciated ! your points in terms of narrative do make absolute sense to me. however, and as this was not a self-initiated project ... certain parts were in fact 'requested' (i.e. more and more fractalscapes) as they're perceived of as eye-candy.
  5. track : SECRET_SCIENCE by the band Mechanimal https:vimeo.com/107223591 do check it out if you've the time. pff.. spent another entire summer rendering fractals & kinect360 captures ...
  6. thank you all for your comments so far ! i'll be taking the plunge in a few weeks' time for sure ! i'm currently in a 'do or die' situation ...
  7. thanks so much Simon ! in fact, i was just about to do as suggested !
  8. much obliged for sharing your perspective sir ! from a quick online search i see no shortage of interesting vacancies as of late which ought to make one happy. guess i should just take the plunge and see how it goes once back in place. any opinions on recruiters ? i.e. blueberrycreatives.co.uk and the like ? oh ... immense thanks for the reel tweet
  9. after a huge setback due to health reasons i found myself stranded in a nightmare country and i'm currently agonising over a much desired prospective relocation back in London, after quite some time ... here's my vimeo link (incl. reel) : http://vimeo.com/doservice anyone kind enough as to offer some constuctive advice on the subject pretty please ? job posts abound... however, how easy (or hard) is it to obtain employment in the mograph/CG sector these days according to current real-life experience ? thanks in advance h.
  10. unemployed for over six months (with the exception of one 'corporate gig')... have to re-relocate in a proper country..
  11. at the moment i'm rendering some other stuff, but i will surely upload something very late at night ! i will post here. the shading & specular results are beyond description! this is THE most invaluable plugin update ever conceived ! kudos to mr. Norby !
  12. ok.. i originally purchased Particularv1.0 from Trapcode (before the RG days), successfully got the new v1.5 registration# from RedGiant last year, and bought the upgrade yesterday from Toolfarm without any problems whatsoever. I spent the entire night playing with Particularv2.0 within AECS4 on my XP64 machine and it does run great!
  13. yep! already made the upgrade purchase!
  14. early on, i went with Max and never regretted it. Excellent & fast integration with AEX via the MAx2AE plugin/script, tremendous flexibility and MentalRay built-in... oh... and for some peculiar reason, i do find the gui much easier & more intuitive than C4D's...
  15. me... i got stuck in a no-win situation after a most unfortunate relocation in the cultural wasteland of SE europe that is greece, and, due to having to deal with some serious health problems earlier this year, i'd been completely out of work for almost 5 months now! in fact, i seriously consider re-relocating back in London (or anywhere else in a "proper" EC country) as soon as i get my paperwork done ... i do get lots of pro-bono work offers tho! f*cking hell!
  16. wow!! tyMotion's video is absolutely fantastic !!! thanks!
  17. btw, does anyone know who made the titles for "in treatment" on HBO ?
  18. a new system to fiddle with the "over life" behaviour graphs would be really something! however, even the mere fact from now on i wont have to be resorting to extra tricks in order to fake inter-particle shadows justifies more than double the asking upgrade price! Thank you Mr.Norrby ! does anyone have any specific release-date info ? "summer 2009" is a bit vague for something as substantial as this.
  19. f*cking hell !!!! how did he pull this off ? can't wait !
  20. it'll be good for moving type! as for the trends... just hope that it doesn't feature on any of AK's tutorials soon...
  21. yes.. but.. any news on Particular v2.0 ????
  22. states

    Future of Mograph

    do make it a purely 'pro' community (not suggesting that it isn't already) based on member donations. i would hate to see any other kind of sponsorship.
  23. hmm.. also: http://www.betanews.com/article/Adobe_CS4_...dows/1207258861
  24. thanks so much for the notification! just bought particular for my personal business!
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