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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNfx325Nw78
  2. aka "We have money to burn and we got them for really cheap!"
  3. Now you guys have done it. Looks like Sam has run off and become a missionary: http://www.whereissamgoing.com/2013/09/26/coming-to-your-from-mexico-city/
  4. All hope might not be lost with the AMD FirePro cards: http://www.fireprographics.com/adobe/ and http://www.fireprographics.com/maxon/index.asp
  5. As you've probably figured out by the lack of responses, Austin is a small market! I moved here in January and it is a very different scene than you are probably used to in SF. There are a few boutique kind of places you can see listed here on the wiki: http://www.mographwiki.net/Austin There are a small number of freelancers in town that seem to do all right bouncing between corporate, commercial and some indie film projects. There is also a large student community because of UT-Austin and I think there is an Art Institute here as well if you're interested in the teaching side. i work full-time in a corporate gig doing mostly editing. I'll go ahead and say you probably won't make anything close to the salary you currently have in San Francisco! You might be ok if you could freelance for some of your current clients if you moved to Austin. I haven't had too much luck with a couple of freelance leads I've had here so far, people flaking out, not responding or following up, etc. There is a reason the term slacker started here...
  6. That would be Boris FX, who bought it for some unknown reason. http://www.media100.com/ It's your next 4K/2K editor just like Final Cut Pro X!
  7. Incorporating the Grammy award into the letter G didn't really work. It read "Crammy" to me!
  8. I think you've been more than patient with these people. Four months of non-payment is a huge sign of a company in trouble. With all of the "internal restructuring" runaround you've been getting, I'd be ready to write this off as a loss. I wouldn't worry about "keeping the client relationship stable" with this client. Why would you want to work with a client again that doesn't pay you?? I'd definitely get the lawyer involved.
  9. Roadtrip it up to Nashville and go to Hatch Show Print! http://www.hatchshowprint.com/ Tons of vintage posters and see the letterpress in action. Boss Construction also does lots of great screen printing for all the bands the kids love. http://bossconstruct.com/store/view/posters/
  10. Sabotage yourself by badmouthing the company on a public forum and linking to their website that they can trace back to your name? Also go in with an attitude that you are better than them and you're doing them a favor by working there! And in all seriousness, read this book several times until it sinks in.
  11. Do you really want to order a Mac through Amazon? I promise this isn't spam. Try PowerMax in Oregon. No sales tax and free shipping on some stuff. You can build to order as well.
  12. Krakken

    My new spec spot

    Fun, creative spot! Did you come up with the concept and write it as well?
  13. Monday or Tuesday night sounds good. Somewhere in DC would probably work better, Rocket Bar or Palace O Wonders have potential.
  14. Krakken

    Dc meet

    Sounds cool. Was wondering if there were any mograph members in DC! I'm up for it next week before the Inauguration madness.
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