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  1. LE:60 – LUMEN ECLIPSE’S 1ST ANNUAL 1-MINUTE FILM FESTIVAL Send us your best minutes, the minute you surprise yourself with – if your minute glimmers like a fish just under the surface of the water, we want to spear that bad boy. Not to exceed sixty seconds, your films, will compete to be the first screened at this perennial event. As ever, LUMEN ECLIPSE's mission to bring film and video to a public arena is steadfast. Selections will be screened outdoors under the stars, setting submissions free from dark theatres and computer screens. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2008 6:00 – 10:00 PM Palmer Street, Harvard Square Cambridge, MA LE60.ORG LUMENECLIPSE.COM SUBMISSION DEADLINE: postmarked/uploaded by midnight, August 15th, 2008 JURY: CECI MOSS - Editor, Rhizome at the New Museum EMILY DOE – Associate Editor/Producer, Wholphin DVD JUSTIN HARDER – Director, MTV, VH1, Coke, NIKE and more RUTH LINGFORD - Professor of the Practice of Animation, Harvard University, Department of Visual and Environmental Studies DAN HIRSCH - Concert Program Manager, The Museum of Fine Arts & Non-Event, Co-curator NED HINKLE - Creative Director, Brattle Theater, Cambridge, MA
  2. Hey all - a little update, as we're excited to announce our Nov. exhibition.. and our anniversary. November 1st marks one year of world class animation, video, film, and motion graphics in Harvard Square. You can see this month's showcase of quality, eclectic motion art on the Harvard Square screens from dusk until 2am every evening, and it's also available 24/7 at LumenEclipse.com. NOVEMBER 1st! Join us at the Lumen Eclipse screens in the center of Harvard Square for an informal celebration of Lumen Eclipse's one-year anniversary and the unveiling of our new format. The show starts at 7:00, and then we'll traipse over to Redline for some boozing, music, and video art from the archive. thanks for reading, heather
  3. thanks, all -- your comments are extremely helpful. its definitely interesting to get the other side of picture... again, gracias!
  4. sooo.... I suppose more specifically: we're debating if the design is too 'edgy' for ad company consumption, and I'm looking for suggestions/criticism on the current feel.
  5. So we're about to put out a new reel (i'll post that as soon as all le polishing is completed) My question for all you well-informed folks is the following: How do you think these exterior and interior dvd covers will be received by ad companies at large? the cover the case interior i really appreciate any and all feedback.
  6. hey all, here's our reel: lumen eclipse and take a gander over at the gallery side, too... www.lumeneclipse.com New show'll be up on August 1st, full of good things from turkey, south africa, exotic missouri, and more. thanks for looking!
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