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  1. Indy 4 was seriously weighed down by expectations and one of my mates went to watch it at a pre-screener and hated (REALLY HATED) it. Still I went in with an open mind (even with a Lucas script)... Quite definitely Indy 4 is beyond horrible.. All involved should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves!.. So the next question is: What should be next? Ghostbusters? Back to the Future? Tron? If the bigwigs have decided to destroy our childhood memories, they may as well get em all! Come on turn the knife and break it off! I'm ready!
  2. You got Tom Waits tix! Lucky you.. My girlfriend tried.. No joy!.. Gonna have to 'Waits' for him to come to Europe! Maybe you could try Scottdale, which is pretty much Phoenix anyway.. but with more cash Hmmmm.. Valley Ho Hotel.. Trader Vics.. Fashion Sq Mall.. Old Scottsdale Nice enough, but clean and a little too scrubbed. If you're lookin for something abit more Dive-ish I dunno.
  3. Mr_Cookie


    Found this on http://motionworks.com.au/ (Thanks!) Quite simple insane.. I'm surprised I've never seen something like this before.. The amount of work put into this is phenomenal! Props to BluBlu http://www.vimeo.com/993998
  4. Hey Guera.. Sorry, not gonna make it.. Gonna be in Phoenix.. Anyway I guess we gotta meeting with alcohol this friday anyway!
  5. Mr_Cookie

    Iron Man

    Prologue.. did the end titles..
  6. Mr_Cookie

    Iron Man

    Oh Yeah.. Just watched it over here in London.. Freakin rocks! Loved the HUD Graphics/displays.. I'm a sucker for all that.. Prologues end titles, quality stuff! Tony Starks takes the superhero movie crown.. roll on Dark Knight! Anyone stick around for the scene after the credits?
  7. Sounds good buddy!.. Lets do the do
  8. Been looking for this one for ages.. An oldie but goodie!
  9. And as if by magic: Greetings from Amazon.com. We thought you'd like to know that we shipped your items, and that this completes your order... Sounds geeky.. but this'll be my Xmas reading
  10. Hmmmmm.. On my Amazon order: Updated Delivery Estimate: January 7, 2008 - January 18, 2008 But on flowseeker: Word from Peachpit Press is that Amazon has not received delivery of the book and their late-December estimates are merely a CYA maneuver - they should receive (and begin shipping) copies by the end of this week Wait and see
  11. I'm chugging through this one at the mo, maybe wait for the CS3 version nx month: http://www.amazon.com/Adobe-After-Effects-...2854&sr=8-3
  12. Channel Branding and Layout... Ironically that's been 50-60% of the projects I've been on lately. Learning new software
  13. Hmmmm Whatever producer I'm working with at the time! OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH.. Long, long, long run up for DAVID CARUSO! I can't stand that smug, shxt-eating, tough cop act of his.. In fact ANY of the cast of CSI:Miami/NY.. Quite like the guys on the original ADAM SANDLER.. I got some steel toecaps waiting for yours too! ***BREAKING NEWS*** DAVID CARUSO FOUND DEAD! INITIAL REPORTS SUGGEST HIS TESTICLES WERE KICKED INTO HIS BRAINSTEM feel better now
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