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  1. I don't know if it would be hard to make a Flash to HTML 5 converter but I think it might be conceding defeat. Adobe spent a lot of money buying Macromedia for Flash. The news came out a few years ago during the week of NAB and that's all anyone could talk about. What a splash they made that week. Fast forward to 2010 and it looks a lot different. Jobs has been saying that Adobe is lazy. I wonder what it is that he thinks they should do to improve it? They have to put their trust in Android now.
  2. Hey Aaron, do you remember Adobe's PC Preferred Ad campaign? Where you outraged?
  3. Everybody's got to learn somewhere. The instructors at the schools you speak of probably learned from Meyer and Maffit.
  4. jazman


    I can see a lot of potential for this device. I have a couple of software and accessory ideas for it already. I'm sure some developers out there will take it to places that people are not imagining right now.
  5. The Kramer piece is a tutorial showing how to do the Troika TNT fx.
  6. I agree. I learned a lot from the Meyers, Maffit and some of those Cosa pioneers who were willing to share their knowledge. When I was a print designer, my favorite magazines were Step-by-step and How. I don't think you should be so concerned about your tricks. My wife would often see a commercial and ask "can you do that?", to which I answer, "probably, but the better question is would I have thought of it." That's what you have that separates you.
  7. Make sure you shoot Progressive.
  8. www.trapcode.com/etc/particular_v2.pdf
  9. www.trapcode.com/etc/particular_v2.pdf
  10. Does the whole Red Giant staff go to NAB? Why didn't they have some stuff ready to post on Monday?
  11. I imagine that it is probably for adults or kids who don't need a $200 plus iPod. Just something to listen to music. My daughter's first iPod was a shuffle because that's all she needed at the time.
  12. I'm not sure how it works on protected DVDs, but when I get a DVD from a client I love using MPEG Streamclip. It's very intuitive and it allows you to export out to almost anything.
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