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  1. I don't know if it would be hard to make a Flash to HTML 5 converter but I think it might be conceding defeat. Adobe spent a lot of money buying Macromedia for Flash. The news came out a few years ago during the week of NAB and that's all anyone could talk about. What a splash they made that week. Fast forward to 2010 and it looks a lot different. Jobs has been saying that Adobe is lazy. I wonder what it is that he thinks they should do to improve it? They have to put their trust in Android now.
  2. Hey Aaron, do you remember Adobe's PC Preferred Ad campaign? Where you outraged?
  3. Everybody's got to learn somewhere. The instructors at the schools you speak of probably learned from Meyer and Maffit.
  4. jazman


    I can see a lot of potential for this device. I have a couple of software and accessory ideas for it already. I'm sure some developers out there will take it to places that people are not imagining right now.
  5. The Kramer piece is a tutorial showing how to do the Troika TNT fx.
  6. I agree. I learned a lot from the Meyers, Maffit and some of those Cosa pioneers who were willing to share their knowledge. When I was a print designer, my favorite magazines were Step-by-step and How. I don't think you should be so concerned about your tricks. My wife would often see a commercial and ask "can you do that?", to which I answer, "probably, but the better question is would I have thought of it." That's what you have that separates you.
  7. Make sure you shoot Progressive.
  8. www.trapcode.com/etc/particular_v2.pdf
  9. www.trapcode.com/etc/particular_v2.pdf
  10. Does the whole Red Giant staff go to NAB? Why didn't they have some stuff ready to post on Monday?
  11. I imagine that it is probably for adults or kids who don't need a $200 plus iPod. Just something to listen to music. My daughter's first iPod was a shuffle because that's all she needed at the time.
  12. I'm not sure how it works on protected DVDs, but when I get a DVD from a client I love using MPEG Streamclip. It's very intuitive and it allows you to export out to almost anything.
  13. If your duplicating around a perfect circle then you can divide 360 by the number of items. So if it's 100 then you would select the rotation tool and option or alt click at the center point you wish your circle to be, then type in your value (say 3.6°), click copy then Command+D to duplicate again as many times as you need. If your doing it on a path, then I think your best solution is to make a pattern brush out of the object and add it as a stroke to your path. You can then expand the appearance of that path so it's not a stroke anymore under the Object menu. But I have Illy 10 so I may be out of the loop on the newest features that could do it better.
  14. That was happening to me also. I was thinking that it was Nucleo Pro. I started to click the red close button in the upper-left corner instead and I haven't had that problem since. It also seems to quit faster when I do that.
  15. http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=e...history_state0= Here it is translated by Google.
  16. You could copy and paste them or you could save them and then go to Export>Send Paths to Illustrator.
  17. jazman

    Joe The Plumber?

    Your wasting your time because you have again assumed things about me. I NEVER said that I didn't believe in science. I said that I don't believe I evolved from an ape and that evolution is not a science.
  18. jazman

    Joe The Plumber?

    I started this by saying that you can't fit people into a box. I have never tried to put you in a box and never insinuated that you were ignorant. Actually I think you're smart and judging by CS Tools, very smart. But God has chosen the foolish things of this world to confuse the wise. 1 Corinthians 1:27 That's why it's above the head of Bento because he prides himself on his intellect. I imagine it makes him feel good to put people down. When Jesus came he worked as a carpenter, lived with the working class and ministered to the poor and uneducated. His words are not for elitists. That's why slaves were able to understand it and have hope for a different life. Imagine if they had to go to a Seminary or Divinity school to understand what God was saying. So we have reached an impasse but that's to be expected. You are very talented and I admire your work. There are no hard feelings on my part and I hope the same is true for you. Take care.
  19. jazman

    Joe The Plumber?

    No I was just paraphrasing John 3:16.
  20. jazman

    Joe The Plumber?

    Whaaaa? You're right dude. You are tired. Go to bed. You can always thrash what I believe tomorrow when your head is clear.
  21. jazman

    Joe The Plumber?

    Chris, the word breaks down without belief, yeah belief in God. EVERYBODY believes in something. How can a person not believe anything? If you say there is no God then that's what you believe, not what you know, but what you believe to be true. And stop assuming that someone is feeding us stuff. We have as much intellect as you and we decide what we want to believe. I think this is a very interesting thread because people keep saying that they are tired of it yet they keep checking it and posting. And Firebetty the only people that I see judging in this thread are those opposed to people of faith. I haven't called anybody names or said anyone was going to hell. Look back over the entire 6 or 7 pages and you will see that we are the ones being judged. Wayne Newton has implied a couple of times that I was ignorant and without education. What if I said that all the Atheists were morons or didn't have an education? All Hell would break loose. I believe as the Bible teaches that God loves everyone, Gay, Straight, Atheist and Agnostics and everyone can be saved. The Apostle Paul was not a believer. In fact he killed Christians yet God used him to write over half of the New Testament. If you know or meet over zealous Christians who may preach fire and brimstone, then I'm sorry. But the truth is we all make mistakes. It's the goodness of God the lead people to repent and come to Him. And the good news is that while we were sinners, Christ died for the ungodly, or those without belief.
  22. jazman

    Joe The Plumber?

    Christianity is an evangelizing faith. Christ gave us the Great Commission which said to Go Ye and teach and preach in His name. Most are not trying to shove anything down your throat, but we believe we have something lifesaving. Atheists are not that different. If you read the post above, they have a belief system (No God), they are talking about organizing, raising money and getting a message out. They probably even have meetings. Sounds like a religion to me. If it offends you then just tune it out. No one can force it on you. It's totally your choice.
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