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  1. No improvement for me Decided to upgrade in the middle of a project since I was at my wits end with the performance of 13.5 and had high hopes for the bug fixes in 13.6. It seems slightly more responsive -- although still feels laggy too me, but at least I can more reasonably trust where my keyframes will end up when I move them. And they've added some flexibility to the preview system, so you can go back to the way it used to be if the chuggy "live" previews weren't doing it for you. Unfortunately, the image cache issues seem worse than ever... borderline unusable. Layers will just stop updating, clearing image cache doesn't do a thing. Restart the app and it works right... until it doesn't. Also still experiencing the infuriating undo bugs, where undo just stops working, weird error messages about "dummy undos" and "undo groups". Combine that with the image cache issues, half the time I don't know what the hell's going on. I was doing some very basic cloning, cleaning up some tracking markers, did an undo, nothing happened, did a few more... image didn't change. Said fuck it, I'll live with the mistake. Rendered -- apparently the undos did work, because all the tracking markers were visible in the render. Close the program and reopen, indeed all the clone layers were gone. Also, lots of random crashes, with no explanation, no chance to save work before program closes. I've got auto-save set to every 5 minutes. Tested on multiple Windows machines, quite powerful ones, same shit on each machine.
  2. Bravo. Although I probably have a parallel rant every time I dive into Illustrator. In 2015, still no autosave/crash recovery in that idiotic program. Hey, but it's a creative cloud, for some reason.
  3. Praise you!!!! Alright, now back to loving windows. Stay tuned though.
  4. My love/hate battle with Windows rages on. Today I discover the simplicity of quick batch renaming... select some files, F2, type a name... the rest of the files get the name with version numbers. Nice. Well those files happened to be image files that I wanted to open in Photoshop. Not one by one, but all at once. Typically on OSX what I liked to do was drag a group of images down to the Photoshop icon on my dock. Viola. They pop open in PS. Now, you can do a similar thing in Windows, although not as stylishly (no magic genie effect on the Taskbar)... with a single file (and the SHIFT key). My brain tells me the same thing should work with a group of files. Windows tells me otherwise. Okay, whatever. So how about I just right click to load up the context menu and do "Open with". By default PNG's are set to open with Picasa, per the recommendations here. But typically, if I want to open in single file in Photoshop, I can right click, "Open with... Photoshop". Kewl. Try that with a group of files? Not kewl. The "Open with" option is nowhere to be found. Just "Open". In Picasa. So my options are drag each file down individually, or "Open with" individually, or go to Photoshop >File> Open>Search for Files> Open blah blah balh. One of you Windows geniuses has to have a solution for me. Surely you guys open more than one image at a time in PS? Thanks!!!
  5. I find Bare Feats to be one of the best resources for Mac Pro video card info... might want to check that site fisrt http://barefeats.com/gtx980.html
  6. This! The new blue selected keyframes are nearly impossible to see sometimes. There needs to be way more contrast.
  7. What I found interesting in this move to a Windows PC, and all the research I've been doing regarding custom PC's, which really seem to be the realm of gamers... is that aesthetics is very important to this group. It's just kind of a terrible aesthetic. But these hardcore PC builders/customizers/modders/tinkerers care deeply about how their "rig" looks... like down to the coloring of the components of the motherboard, those funny LED lights, and having a window on the case to show off their creative decisions. I just find it kind of ironic since often a knock on Mac users is that they value the aesthetic of the hardware over the actual power/function/etc but PC gamers care just as much about how it looks... just their tastes tend to run a little towards the ummm... silly.
  8. Thanks! Problem solved. Honestly, I feel so cool using Windows, like such a hipster. Imagine the respect I'd get pulling out a bad ass Alienware gaming laptop with glowing LED's in my local pourover coffee shop. All the conformists with their MacBook Pro's would feel so lame.
  9. Happy 2015 mographers... happy to report I've switched to PC and I'm loving it. Finally got Windows 8.1 to behave the way I want, and everyone was right... it's fast and the "modern" UI lives in the background and I ignore it just like I ignored "Launchpad" on OSX. Got myself a 6-core i7 5820k machine customized to my exact needs, with future expandability, plus two new xeon render nodes (at the same specs as my current Mac Pro workstation) all for the price of one 6-core new Mac Pro. Not bad. A few other Mac to PC transitional things that have helped me: - Synthese to replace Fluid (makes web sites run like apps outside of browser) - Monosnap to replace Skitch (for some reason Skitch is horrible on Windows, can't set a custom key command for capture) - Clover for Finder style tabbed file browsing - love this One Windows Explore question: is it possible to select a group of files and automatically collect them into a new folder? In OSX you simply select, right click, and choose "New folder from selection" in the context menu. Possible in Windows?
  10. Ha, okay well I'll have to check if I was on 8.0 or 8.1... man it was driving me crazy. Anyways, thanks for all the tips. I really want to commit to this switch.
  11. Was so close to giving up on this switch idea until I dumped Windows 8 and tried to work with Windows 7 on another PC render node I have. The difference is night and day. Is there any compelling reason to use Windows 8 if I despise it and want to avoid it like the plague? Like, anything under the hood that I'd really be missing out on by just sticking with Windows 7. It'd have to be something pretty damn special. Too much of that touch/tablet PC stuff is embedded into Windows 8 for my taste, navigating the interface is a nightmare with a Wacom, and even all the hacks above don't seem to wipe that shit off of the OS (and having to hack your OS so much is annoying). But Windows 7, this is actually really really nice. Like.. I don't really miss OSX nice.
  12. Ugh.. here's a few "simple" steps to turn off the ludicrous ripple effect every time you click if you're using a Wacom in Windows. http://www.quora.com/How-can-I-disable-ripple-effect-using-windows-7-with-Wacom-tablet Edit: See AromaKat's response below for a better solution!
  13. For those who might be making the reverse switch, I've been using Cinch on OSX for years for that Windows-esqe snapping.
  14. Thanks for all the great responses so far. I may become a convert after all. Another biggie: What's your prefered way to manage fonts in Windows? I use Font Explorer X on OSX, it's fine I guess. Looks like they have it for Windows too, but a few versions behind.
  15. That's exactly right. It's not perfect, but it's persistence throughout the system is rather nice. For example, I could build a palette while working in Photoshop, swap over to C4D, start and new material and have instant access to that palette... no copy pasting values or eye dropping etc. Again, small thing, can be easily given up or taught a new process, but nice to have anyways.
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