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  1. I didn't read that entire article but I've thought for years that the music industry needs to chill. I found this talk very interesting, I didn't realise the fashion industry had no copyright laws. Ted.com by the way, if you've never heard of it, is an amazing site full of great talks on all sorts of subjects.
  2. Nerra

    creative cow

    No one is knocking the actual content, like Vozz said, its the horrible layout which is just terrible. I find it even more irratating and even arrogant of them that they choose to keep it like that especially considering its a 'design' forum. I would expect something like that from some guy running a car mod forum out of his garage not a site as big as CC. The ironic thing is that there are car modding forums run out garages with much better layouts and far superior design to that of CC's.
  3. Nerra

    creative cow

    Ahh man, don't get me started on that POS forum! I've hated it ever since I started in the world of graphic design. I only go there when I've searched for something in google and its come up with some thing from the CC forum.
  4. That book looks really good, I've just ordered it off Amazon, thanks!
  5. Thanks for the suggestions guys. The gorillas 5 second projects are good, I'm definitely going to start doing some of those and I'm in the process of coming up with some small personal projects but I was keen to try and problem solve someone else's brief. When you're thinking of your own briefs, its all too easy to think of something thats suits your lifestyle or the things that you're into if that makes any sense? I did find this place, which might be something cool for other people on here to check out. Its more about coming up with the idea though and not really about coming up with a finished product, but of course there is nothing stopping you creating a finished piece. http://www.ideabounty.com/
  6. I'm really trying to up my game over the next 6 months so that I can get out of my dead end job and either join a more creative shop or go freelance. I'd really like to tackle some real briefs and actually take them from concept to completion, giving me the chance to story board and think of a proper rationale rather than just making cool looking stuff in C4D or AE. Is there a resource online some where that has some real briefs that I can sink my teeth into?
  7. Nerra

    The SSD advantage

    A 120gb is double the price of a 60gb so there is no cost saving in going for the bigger one. The way I see it, I'll see how the 60gb goes, if I really need more space, I'll just buy another 60gb and raid them which will cost the same as the 120gb but will be even faster. At the moment I've got AE caching to my main RAID and so its not filling up the SSD.
  8. Nerra

    The SSD advantage

    I've just stuck an OCZ 60gb SSD in my Mac pro and its awesome! Everything is just so snappy and instant. It was about £100 here in the UK which I think I'll easily make back in time saved over the life of the computer not to mention how much more pleasurable it makes using the it which is the biggest benefit for me. I like speed though, when I upgraded my iphone from a 3G to 4, the thing I liked most was the speed increase.
  9. Anyone know whats happening with this?
  10. Cheers Dan, good idea about the evening classes, I might check out the local uni and see if they offer anything. I would definitely be more inclined to do a course on design principles or typography for instance rather than how to use a specific piece of software.
  11. My employer told me today that if I found any short(ish) courses that I would like to go on, that they would be happy to pay for me to attend which is pretty cool. I'm completely self taught (mostly from this forum) and so I've never attended a course before but if someone else is paying then I'd be happy to go on one. So the question is, are there any good, intense courses which are either mograph or C4D related, that anyone can recommend in the UK?
  12. Nerra


    Wow the guy presenting the production suite has just been added to my list of people that I would punch really hard in the side of the head should I win the lottery and have the funds to go on a world tour of punching really annoying people in the side of the head.
  13. Nerra

    Warren Harper reel

    Anyone got any feedback? I know my initial post didn't specifically ask for any but I thought that was the idea of the showcase section... or was. Things have become a lot quieter around here over the last year
  14. http://www.warrenharper.co.uk/ Showreel New reel to kick off the new year.
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