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    Bit torrent

    http://www.utorrent.com/ check this one out, haven't tried it myself but a friend likes it.
  2. I got into a situation where when offered an opportunity for a job, I showed them my portfolio and resume, after that they asked for my sketchbook but with no interview. so this is the dilema, do you show your sketchbook without being in the same room? my desicion was not to send it, I been keeping a sketchbook since high school and is kind of a journal. just wanted to know what you guys thought about the topic. thanks
  3. RIPP EM and I am still broke so got netflixs
  4. I got some netflix, mmm delicious is all I have to say. sssgood
  5. BAD ASS stop pickin it appart is a fuckin trailer released on youtube.. dont worry be happy.
  6. I will go back to graphic designer, I hope you are all ashamed of yourselves.. sao bento this one's for you buddy.
  7. best movie I have seen in a while, it is a great story done in the best way that only gondry can, the simbology is completelly there and I think that the fact that is underdeveloped is better because it lets you tie a lot of things with your own imagination. been waiting for it since august 11 and wasn't disapointed at all.
  8. make one good project that is completely directed (and produced) by you, show how you want to make things. pretty much show me (meaning whoever you want to show)
  9. analog all the way!!! well for work I use computer but try to stay away from it as much as possible
  10. interested in working a few hours a day and > partying the rest of the time sounds pretty neat!!
  11. feliz cumplea~os beatriz del fuego
  12. nice are we going to start talking politics next??
  13. try some lighting in after effects its going the help you a lot with depth, as well as coloring the lights. at least that works for me
  14. awesome concept and design. bang on!!
  15. the altar boy's dad.. if you know what I mean
  16. awesome shait mang, is it true that everything is anymated in a blue(red, green, etc..) screen?
  17. funkylenon

    NFL on FOX

    uh did something just happended.. BAD ASS MANG!!
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