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  1. Thank you very much Todd. This is exactly the information i was hoping to find. Very helpful. I will only be using any footage i find to show that i can do motion graphics. I will cite any and all video as needed.
  2. New to mograph sort of. I've been taking the past 4 months in studying motion graphics. I got all the recomended books on Mograph. I am very confident in my AE and C4D skills, so now i want to start DOING. So now i need to find a resource where i can download some material to use in creating my first motion graphics pieces. Should i just record footage of the TV and make idents or motion graphics based on the video? So for instance if the footage is of a tv show like "Rides" i should make some mograph based on cars? Or take clips from music videos and make mtv graphics? Etc...Etc...? Or are there resources like generic video, that i can download, where i can make mograph based on those? I'm ready to go i just don't know where to start. Thanks for any help.
  3. Ok i see what you guys are saying. In my mind it would seem pretty difficult anyways to stick to a certain design layout in mograph because of all the movement.
  4. Yeah that's the reason why i started this thread, i was wondering if people just did whatever looked good and judging from the replies that seems to be the case.
  5. Ok those were some pretty harsh replies. Anyways i wasn't asking how many points equal a pica. That's a pretty stupid question. I'm suprised no one could see past that. I was talking about things like the le corbusier modular scale. And there was another scale i learned in Graphic Design, which i forgot the name, where there were proportions with type faces, when laying out type faces on a page. That is what i'm asking are there proportion scales and layout practices in motion graphics? Is that better, sheesh? Come on, lets here some intelligent replies.
  6. I was going to make a mograph scene and i found that there is an artist that is using a similar concept as the one i wanted to do. The artist has beaten me to it. They have the piece published on TV. I still would like to do a similar concept for just my portfolio. What are some of the guidlines to this sort of problem? How do i still use the same concept but use it so that i don't have any legal issues? Its basically one object used as small particles to shape the 3d profile of one larger object. Also i found a nice website that has awesome royalty free vector art. Is it ok to purchase these to make my own mograph? Basically what i wanted to do is animate the vecotr art for motion graphics using movement, 3d extrudes, scaling, etc. etc. If i use someone elses royalty free art will I be looked down upon for not creating my own work from scratch? The art needs to be purchased in order to use it. So to me this seems like it would be ok to use. ? ? ?
  7. Just wanted to know if motion graphics use the same types of scales as graphic design? I forget the names of the modular scales in graphic design. I know one was point/pica scales, things like that. If it does please point me in the direction as to which things i should learn for mograph.
  8. danb

    Where to begin?

    Hehe. Ok how about low quality free?
  9. danb

    Where to begin?

    Where can i download high quality free video of different things like, people, backgrounds, objects, environments, etc...?
  10. danb

    Where to begin?

    Hi Govinda, nice to see you here too. Thanks guys i will pick up those AE books.
  11. I am slightly new to the forum. I pop in here every so often to look at all the amazing work you guys produce. Been doing 3d character work for the past couple years and i want to broaden my skills. I use c4d a LOT and with the new mograph module it inspired me to try my hand at some motion graphics. So where the heck do i start? Do i just try to make something crazy? Is there a like a formula you have to stick to for mograph? Where can i learn things like working with alpha channels, masks, 3d tracking, etc...?
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