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    Los Angeles Meetup

    My jetlagged disco nap turned into a 6 hour mini coma. when i woke up, i had no idea where i was, let alone how to get to the red lion. next time huh? i know noone outside of capacity out here i'm already loving it here tho, sure is a big town.
  2. alim

    Los Angeles Meetup

    yeah thats me Govinda, cant wait to get in there I'm just going to pretend that beer will help with my jetlag and try to make this.
  3. alim

    Los Angeles Meetup

    i arrive in la literally that morning..
  4. Very interesting read. It's been looming for a while and these still comparatively new digital media industries still have their growing pains to go through. I wonder what things will be like when we're old, my fingers are crossed..
  5. cheers mate! (i think i dreamt in nodes last night )
  6. alim


    thats ace. pure and simple, makes me wanna dig out some stuff to share too
  7. love it, ive bookmarked it in my 'things to explore while rendering' folder. the cdbarbary piece is chilling me out right now
  8. I have a copy of lovemarks sitting on my bookshelf that I have a slight (ironic) love/hate relationship with. Great book, great theories on human beings and emotional bonds. But while the guy has good ideas, his intentions cause me concern, partly as he is preaching PR rather than anything else, and PR can be such a tainted and misleading practice (even moreso than our beloved advertising). His mentions of responsibility usually stop at the customer and the company, it doesnt seem that he feels he has any due responsibility to the world, which is something i disagree with on a personal level. Being a part of the advertising industry, I dont sit on a high horse about this, but nor do i neglect it and call it love. "Business is meant to make the world better" and all the other hoopla that he writes tends to come off as a big pat on the back of the industry and a self justification of potentially immoral and blind capitolism. The advertising world has had a trend in the past few years to sell itself in exactly this way, focussing on keywords like love and making themselves almost sound like hippies, but few agencies actually come to terms with making any trully tangible output with it. The trend is finishing tho, and alot of agency people balk at the mention of this sort of empty stuff now. Brilliant advertising excercise for S&S when it came out tho, I can only guess at how much more work and admiration it got them (using the exact same methods it preaches too). On a related note Semon i think you'd get a kick out of a bbc show called Absolute Power. Brilliantly snappy writing about a fictional PR firm in London (its another love/hate thing for me.)
  9. maybe the 'weeks of research' went to a trainee googling the same lux presets sao uses
  10. I don't know, 1600 filtered volumetric lights across a hundred shots does sound like a bit of a deal to me. You can be sure that their lights werent faked post render effects.
  11. Great for practice and training, new kids rarely have the chance to work on footage of this quality for free. In terms of a contest tho, degrading rewards + US residents only = :s
  12. im there with ratbaggy, thats bit's a league ahead of the rest. id rather see you spend ur time making more refined and creative work like that over rerendering old nude shots. speaking of which, u say you edited the nudity down now? musta been a helluva directors cut perfect song selection tho, sleazy and funky, my advice would be to edit the song right down urself and cut your reel to the music like u were making your own intro or music clip. This could be a really fun reel to watch.
  13. alim

    IDEA magazine

    "The issues that I have from the early 00's are awesome though" ill back that. i remember being a budget student and foregoing food for a subscription. i didnt eat for a long time! my old crt is still covered with aqua build stickers too i love it how you could look at some of their issues and see what every other rag was going to be covering in 6-18 months time, and with very intelligent editorial (better if you understand japanese). Dunno how relevant to mograph it is per se, but if you like intelligent discussion on creative pursuits then it might be worth the price.
  14. i hear omnipotentlab encourage their companies to keep their distinct flavours, so this is good news
  15. Did some pipleine development stuff last year and looked heavily into the whole png thing. Worth noting is that the png renderer in AE allows you to add a 2ndary pass of compression (theres a few different types available, as well as an ambiguous 'best' type), which is the part that is really processor intensive. If you turn it off, you will bypass the mjority of the processing hit. Over a lot of tests we found the extra compression and the extra rendering time incurred by it when rendering (in and out) wasnt justified by the slightly lower file sizes. I dont have the tables or the numbers we had cos im not at that studio any more, but it was enough to make it policy to render without. The files were still onsiderably smaller than targas and tiffs. kgb, sounds like ur time synch issues will be with the quicktme file, Png quicktimes aren't temporaly compressed so are disrete frames that play back whatever rate the quicktime container is tagged with. The frame rates or audio bitrates are out somewhere betweeen ur setups. for quickies i use simple ol sorenson too on acount of it being so fail safe and cpu easy..
  16. thats a damn shame.. whos gonna mae the v ads now??? Will be interesting to see if anything rises from its ashes, theres too much talent there to expect they'll take this sitting down.. hope it didnt affect ur nz plans!
  17. might be an impromtu appearance for me.. this and the pixies all within a week and i may miss both :s
  18. man thats sad, i only just dug into some of his work last year.. maybe he'll get the dues he deserves now.
  19. i assumed that u had an early pes test, then i realised how long you've had that gif for.. hmm.. incidentally, some of it looks like it was done in two photos, one with the guy on an actual board and another with the guy-board?
  20. alim

    New Styleframes

    Post of the day Nate! loving the coke stuff
  21. one of the most useful posts in recent mograph times alba. A question tho, how many clients have actually paid up cancellation fees for anyone here? On vfx jobs ive only ever been arranged to work on something else they've got going, or to eat it up myself. Ur definitely right on the lack of enforceable clauses tho. Perhaps time to visit the lawyer once it rears its head up again..
  22. I'm packing up as we speak. Heading for the carpark where a round of challenge pissing will decide who keeps their job. The next newbie reel with bad pacing will be promptly sent a link to this post binky!
  23. Everything costs something, and not all reward is cash. And talking in simple tones makes me sound wiser. im a fan of an all nighter on a personal project tho... just gotta find the time..
  24. Hey drew, cheers for the pm. There's a few melbourne threads (which uve probably seen already) that talk about the few shops about town. There's a bunch of us here sporadically too, a bit scattered across the city but maybe one day a drinks gathering will happen. why not put the new reel up btw?
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