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  1. Kill it! Looks great. -e
  2. looks good adam. keep up the nice work. -e
  3. on mograph.org i typed Cinema 4D and Maya this is what there was... http://www.google.com/cse?q=cinema+4d+Maya...9%3Al3meqxmtdnc
  4. sorry man I was totally kidding I think it's funny. I really like your reel! Nice work keep it up!
  5. eric

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    This thread might help you out a bit. http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtop...5&hl=source
  6. I was able to set up my net render this week- T-support emailed me these instructions (thanks Maxon) and I have found them helpful so I will re edit this message and leave them with Mograph.net for future NET Render setup inquiries. ...from Maxon Revert your system back to where you had it previously. I am not sure of what you changed trying to make that direct connection, so I am trusting you to remember what you have done to it. Basically, you need to revert it back to "out of the box" defaults. Once you have done so, the router portion of this setup is completed. Next we need to setup your machines. Choose two port numbers for which you will run your net render server and client, normally it will be 8080 and 1080. In actuality, you can choose whatever numbers you would like as long as it doesn't conflict with another program on your machine. Mac's have a nasty habit of closing down programs that are using a port that another program is using. You need to now take those two ports and in your Mac firewall create new connections. You can get to your firewall settings by going into system preferences\sharing\ firewall. Click the New button, change the port dropdown menu to other, type in 8080 in both TCP and UDP fields, and type in a short description "Net Render Server". Click new a second type and repeat the previous step but changing the port numbers to 1080 and the description to "Net Render Client". Repeat these two settings to both your laptop and your G4. Just to test whether or not your computers are able to communicate, you need to open up your terminal window. The terminal is located in Applications\Utilities\Terminal. We need to find the IP address for the other machine, by going into System Preferences\Network. On the main page it should list the IP address for that specific machine on your network. Write the IP down. (If you setup your router properly, it should say something along the lines of 192.168.0.XXX). Go back to your other machines terminal window and type in "ping 192.168.0.xxx" the xxx stands for the IP that you wrote down. If the computers are communicating properly, the terminal should say along the lines of "64 bytes from 192.168.0.xxx : and some other jargon". If the computers are not communicating properly, it should say " Ping: Send to: Host is down". If everything is working properly, this is the end of the networking setup •••I used the network utility to ping and everything worked fine there)APPLICATIONS>Utilities>Network Utility instead of the Terminal as was suggested above. ======================================================================================= Net render setup: Make sure that Cinema 4d XL + Mograph is installed on both machines. This is to make sure that you have all the modules installed properly. If you are wondering about licensing problems, don't worry about it. The second installation is only for Net Render purposes only and it has its own licensing procedure. Launch Net Server on one machine and the client on the other. On the Net Render Server go to File\Network Settings. Type in the IP address for the server machine as well as 8080 for the server port and save and close down Net Server completely. Repeat the same steps for the client machine, with the change of putting 1080 into the client port field. Make sure that you save and close out of Net Render. Relaunch both server and client, cross your fingers, and server should say new client found while the client will say server found. If everything is working properly, you are done. ========================================================================================
  7. Hi Havok Look into this software to automate your file extension changes. You can install it on your XP portion and try it out on a few files first and test the results in Bridge. Post your results here as I haven't tried it but would like to know how it turned out. Good luck http://www.sobolsoft.com/renamefile/
  8. Since those files don't retain the .mov you can manually input it then at least it's there for you if you later need to preview it.
  9. hey havok- what were your export settings out of fcp?
  10. " I thought the slogan was effin' great." DRNZ you are a fruitloop
  11. pretty sweet music too...that is if sweet meant distracting. i guess i have to create a tutorial now though. stay tuned...
  12. hey drnz congrats on the gig. where are you working? here is a link for you. not sure what your level is but i'm sure there's some good stuff on there for all levels. http://www.lafcpug.org/tutorials.html -e
  13. Fred, I just got back from my accountant's now and saw your post. Here is a link which you may have already come across. http://www.ehow.com/how_9555_make-estimated-tax.html Everyone's financial situation is different but I pay her to SAVE me money and find creative ways to do that and that makes up for the $500-$1000 I often have to pay her. Maybe you can save yourself money too but I hate the idea of getting audited just because I might have left something out or included something that I shouldn't have. Since this is your first year on your own then I don't know how you would figure up an estimation. If I were you I would hire an accountant and have them train you the first time then next year/quarter you will know how to do it yourself. I have all sorts of different shit going on so I just leave it up to the CPA and it gives me great peace of mind. Good luck and don't worry.
  14. that was cool igor. kinda reminds me of run wrake but much more acid.
  15. thank you Nate. that is exactly it - i guess maya wins again
  16. thanks misanthrope, that sounds like the kind of innovative answer i was hoping for. If anyone else has any other suggestions fire away.
  17. Aloha, What are some ideas that achieve the effect of turning random smoke into an image- Preferrably using AE and/or C4D Is RE:flex/twixtor a correct option or is there an easier/cheaper way to do the same thing?
  18. http://nautical.kswiss.co.uk/videos/ This is the one with the sharks on leashes and the people kite surfing the city. I just wanted to see if anyone here worked on it or if you know who did. That is all
  19. If you haven't already used up your trial version at Adobe and you need to be up and running in a matter of minutes then click on their trial version link for AE7 Pro and then order it from somewhere like Amazon.com (decent prices) Then by the time your trial version expires your new software will be in your meatclaws. That's a possible solution. http://www.adobe.com/go/tryafter_effects_pro
  20. haha... I'm king, and they know it When i snap my fingers everybody says show it I'm hot and your not But if you wanna hang with me I'll give it one shot Top that, top that You can give all that you can, but you will never top that! You can dream until you're blue but you can never top that huh huh I'm hot and your not But if you wanna hang with me I'll give it one shot Top that, top that You can do all that you can but you'll never top that, top that Supersonic, idiotic, disconnecting, not respecting, who would really ever wanna go and top that Such a waste of pretty face but hanging in your noone's face I wish that you would take a look and really stop that Top that, stop that I don't really give a about tryin to top that Top that, stop that I wish you finally take a real look and really stop that Whats this, stop that What gives, stop that I don't really give a about tryin to top that top that, big deal top that, unreal you can try until youre blue i will make a fool of you TOP THAT
  21. faustfire-how do you have it configured? macbook pro and dual 2.5 g5 what 's your set up
  22. Thanks for the links Jan (Yes Coldcut are the 2 'blokes' who started Ninjatune records) VJs and dancefloor hooligans
  23. http://www.ninjatune.net/videos/video.php?type=flv&id=91 True Skool
  24. Hey Sermon good luck in whatever decision is the right one for you. Sometimes creative lulls can cause people to think about things differently not that it's the case here but I say if marketing interests you then go for it. I've seen your work on those skate dvds and I know whatever you decide to do you will be good at. People have to persue what they feel will make them truly happy.
  25. Posting to this thread is now a 'rite of passage' for anyone wishing to be able to continue posting here. Hopefully after everyone (including myself) has thrown their 2 cents worth in, the post can just die. As you will notice creating and then bumping this thread could be a reason why "mograph.net seems to be losing steam" **hears sound of steam leaking out... Remember...in with the good air...out with the bad air
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