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  1. Pulp Fiction The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension Big Lebowski Fear and Loathing Grandmas Boy
  2. Not only your balls but also your face and then proceed to bite off your thumbs.
  3. Defintely check out Kiwi's "Release 10 Timeline" video tutorial at: c4dcafe.com. From what I remember it highlights timeline organiztion and much much more. For sure check it out.
  4. Ive been wearing contacts forever and they do get a little dry and uncomfortable as the day goes on. Though thats nothing a little re-wetting drops can't fix. I would look look into daily disposables. No cleaning products, no storage, and fresh CLEAN pair every day. No worries whatsoever. I've been wearing dailies for a couple years and will never go back conventional lenses. If I plan on working late I just bring some glasses along, toss the contacts in the trash, put the glasses on and Im good to go.
  5. I was gonna say the same. Channel Chops. Fucker is expensive.
  6. Its either or you dont need both. With Extrude you're only extruding a spline shape to create depth, in which then the movement can be animated for growth. With Sweep you're extruding a spline shape along a spline path(So two spline objects are needed), in which then the growth parameters can be animated.
  7. You need to animate your "growth" parameters in the NURBS attributes.
  8. Just got back from Apple Store. It is f'n sick and slick as shit. It was hard not buying one.
  9. Sorry man never been. Check out Season 4 of Isomniac with Dave Attell. It might help you find some craziness you crave. Or find some like minded locals. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insomniac_with_Dave_Attell
  10. Incredible insight to the process. Thanks for sharing! "hard to appreciate in that scene is the fact that the curvature of the landscape and random distribution of the buildings is controlled with a single slider (MoGraph+Xpresso). " Thats cool.
  11. Awesome man, very generous. Thank you.
  12. James, I think you're looking for a pixel stretching effect. Search for a free plug in set called "Pete's Plugins". Then use the "smear" effect. If Im not mistaken I even think a pixel stretch can be achieved using Keylight. gnar
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