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  1. Sometimes it's also handy to use "add edit" shortcut from the keyboard to make cuts, i cant remember what's the default shortcut for it, but you can set it to any key you want from the "edit keyboard shortcuts" menu. Basically add edit just makes cuts to all active tracks in timeline on the current place of cursor. I can't remember when i have last used the razorblade tool, it's so unaccurate and too much hassle to use. Ok, maybe i used it once few moths ago.
  2. Un-Ski


    Ahh, For me the logo comp in the end still totally rocks!
  3. No no, for me it's not about what cameras look like. It's about what everything looks like. And to be honest, i have to admit that in retro way the HV30 looks kinda 80's cool! edit.. sorry my bad english.
  4. Exellent find, thank you Albert.
  5. Who in the earth want's to de-interlace and then re-interlace? Just Scale your 1080i footage in after effects to SD or whatever you like, and make sure you have the interpretation set right. (Seperate fields set on and preserve edges button checked) Then render out interlaced. AE scales it right for you, dunno about other programs. I Think in FCP it's even more easier, as it scales (i think) automatically right.
  6. Set your comps to NTSC D1 Widescreen square pixels and then do your magic/stuff. Because it's square pixels no aspect ratio correction is needed, so there is no jaggy. When all done just nest your comp/comps to NTSC D1 Widescreen and render out.
  7. Un-Ski


    I think with this it's kinda like a pyramid scam or nigerian letter, someone who has been scammed by them won't be posting here or anywhere how badly they got scammed. It's just too shamefull.
  8. Heck, in 2011 all i want is Ultra High Definition Dare i suggest that all you fellow mographers start to set your comps to 7680 × 4320. Just to be backwards compatible from day one when the new big daddy of standars comes to play.
  9. The RED One 4K camera is getting a little sister and big brotha! Pretty nice, but not out until 2009. check red.com for more info.
  10. Sorry, my mistake. But good to know in future, if there is any future for HD DVD.
  11. Well, it seems that Toshiba SD-780KY is Standard Definition DVD player. So it wont play HD DVD. (it might support 1080i upconversion from SD DVD trough hdmi) Toshiba SD-780KY User Manual And also, if you want to author and burn HD DVD disc, you need to burn it on HD DVD media. Kinda like if you want to eat ice-cream, you don't buy milk shake.
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