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  1. I'm definitely fascinated by the slicks coming back- should push the lack of TC even farther to a razor-fine limit, but I wonder about the KERS video-game like boost, and the new medal scoring system. I'm glad they are experimenting, but why make so many changes when the last two seasons have been the most competitive & exciting F1's been in nearly a decade. Anyone think the US team will ever get off the ground?
  2. The nice fellas from MK12 give a thorough rundown on their "Quantum" work (open + interface stuff) last week at the Pause conference in NYC. The final title sequence is nice, however, the two completely different motion tests they showed (from the initial pitch and a mid-progress version) were GORGEOUS. Simple, clever, and a great update while paying homage to all the previous titles. Keep your fingers crossed that they surface on the MK12 site when they post the project.
  3. Half our deliveries are still SD Sports channels 720p HBO etc 1080 watching at home, it blows my mind when HD networks air a letterboxed SD ad, which is already upresed, but not enough to keep there from being big black bars on EVERY edge of the screen. Makes it look like you are watching a quicktime in the center of a vast web page.
  4. Cool piece of software... I was using this for a while to watch HD movies on my big screen that were trapped on my mac, but ended up buying a 35ft DVI-HDMI cable (cheap from monoprice.com) since the xbox was so picky about which video/audio formats it would accept... however, this shouldn't be as much of an issue after the recent xbox update to allow xvids.
  5. What I've noticed is that a few shops are dedicated to a single "high-end" 3d app (Maya, Max, XSI), and while many will only have one of the above, damn near every shop has Cinema.
  6. DON'T DO IT GOVINDA!!! I remember hearing about this a while back... I was unable to find the 911 recording that went along with it. "He added he had felt a slight bump, but said he thought he had simply driven over a stone in the road. Instead he had hit the Smart car and its bumper had wedged on the truck's radiator grill."
  7. The only thing that makes me feel better about driving my tiny Miata in the city is that it is slightly safer than a motorcycle (and almost as much fun!).
  8. I'm very curious to see what comes of Gordon Murray's T-25 concept that is currently being developed. Murray is a legendary Formula 1 engineer (these guys make NASA look lazy), who 10 years ago created the McLaren F1, the greatest 200mph "supercar" ever. He is now turning his focus to making a city car prototype (smaller than the Smart) that will be economical, efficient, and if successful will be sold globally by different manufacturers. The fascinating thing is that while keeping a cradle-to-grave efficiency, the T-25 is aiming to keep the fun driving dynamics that Murray is known for- a great thing for those whom appreciate their cars in more than just an appliance sense. Gordon Murray's T-25
  9. I was getting frustratingly short ram previews, as well as a lengthy beach ball kicking off each one. I switched off the multi-processing setting (the AE CS3 feature I was most excited about) and it resolved both those issues. I would like to spit in the envelope before the letter is sent to Adobe.
  10. wow Chris. The only difference between your office and my dream office is that I would park the Dino next to my desk
  11. Really fun reel! Love the track. Welcome to NY! -j
  12. I agree. Image quality on the aformentioned dell 24" is terrific. Like I mentioned, It looked just as nice as the Cinema display sitting next to it as far as my eyes could tell through my spectacles. I don't think I've read a review that mentioned one being hands down supirior to the other, most consider it a toss up beteen the two. And once the work is done, it really is nice to play with your high-def toys without an additional $1000 tv.
  13. Has anyone wanted to play xbox360 picture in picture? The only thing I use PIP for is for computer + HDTV(yes, component + DVI) which works fine. PIP isn't nearly as important to me as the the fact that the Dell takes 5 (3 at 1080HD) inputs compared to the Cinema Displays 1, if I am not mistaken.
  14. If you can imagine a scenario where you would want to use the monitor for anything other than your computer, go for the Dell 2407. In my tiny apartment I don't need a separate workstation and entertainment center- I can toggle effortlessly between PC (via DVI), XBox360 (VGA), HD Cable (Component) and Wii (S-video). The monitor is a much better deal than the apple, and I can't tell the difference between the 24" Dells & the 23" Cinema Displays (we have both in the studio).
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