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    SpringReel -

    nice work. work on the edit. needs to be stronger and hit the beats dead on. ending leaves something to be desired - unnecessary info on the track and copyright. i would rather see an animated personal endtag. bring sound levels down, too. that shit is hot. and i don't mean in the 'drop it like it's hot' sorta way.
  2. Do yourself a favor - pick up this book. It's Not How Good You Are, Its How Good You Want to Be by Paul Arden Not that you need any more motivation, but at least you will find some of the same thinking you're thinking and maybe you'll feel a bit less paranoid about it all. and btw, I admire your perseverance. One piece of advice - don't compete against the world. Compete against yourself.
  3. change your email addy!!!! hotmail is so 1993


    YOU ARE ONE HIP MOTHAFUCKA. Lovin' it...but I think the intro of the reel is soooo strong and ending so suddenly leaves me wanting more...but then again, maybe that's a good thing...
  5. :H MERCI!! :H I would like to start animating the collage pieces, deconstructing them and making something new. It's going to be a strange learning process, but looking forward to it.
  6. :H :H :H HELLO FELLOW MOGRAPH CREW. IT'S BEEN A WHILE. HOPE YOU'RE ALL SUPER DUPER. Here's the site Here's the reel I know how much you people love to tear into this shit. Yup.
  7. :H :H :H Can you help me with reliable resources in determining a price quote for my G5, besides Craigslist and Ebay? :H :H :H
  8. nice work, dude. I know all about the nudie issue. It's a tough one to cover up. I agree with shortening the song and cut-cut-c-c-c-cut to the b-b-b-beat yo. I'd also like to see some different spelling bee footage, with the word being s-p-e-l-l-e-d out. Maybe a few more clips of different work???
  9. I've been getting the "can you make it look less crazy" comment lately....meaning, strip down all excess elements until all you have is white + logo + nothing. I've also been known in extreme cases of frustration to hand over my tablet pen and tell them to "go for it."

    New Reel

    ohmigod...the Knight Rider piece is pretty flippin' fantastic.

    New Reel

    There's some really nice pieces in here... Only thing that bugged me was some of the type you had on the frame introducing each of the spots... Yeah. Type. Make it slick. Try using one font throughout for your title frames...


    aaaaaaaahh Papyrus!!!!!!


    This shirt would be even more ironic if it were to say "I :H GRAPHIC DESIGN."
  14. I don't currently have a license for Quicktime Pro on this machine....
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