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  1. Have a HUGE project where I have to bake out textures in Cinema for all geometry and reapply that texture in another application as one mapped image. Question is... how do you bake out all elements in one image(Surface color & reflections & amb. occ. etc)? It seems that C4D only lets you make 1 image for each texture property however I'd like to get all properties on 1 single image w/o having to comp them together in photoshop? Any ideas? I know this isn't a sexy question but your help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Great question, specifically... -I'm trying to figure out the right amount of displacement, i'm close but not perfect -trying to get the white opaque parts (this is huge) - thinking perhaps a layered shader with high contrast noise type that resembles chunks? -can't get the refraction either apologies for not being specific enough in advance. tks.
  3. The render times do increase but it isn't a deal breaker. AND... I've checked out Nick C's ice tutorial, its a great tutorial and infact it is the first cause of me trying to recreate this ice effect, however that NBC cube is very diff't from GKasters, thus Campbells tut won't really get me there. Good starting point though...
  4. Hey Y'all... been trying to recreat the ice texture found in GKaster's 'Breaking the Ice' video here: Any ideas? I know its procedural. I know there's a subtle displacement on it, most likely using noise. Any further ideas would help. Tks.
  5. I did about 99% of that Terminal City piece. and i just found out about the PROMAX 2 days ago. thanks for the feedback everyone, i'll be cutting alot of that stuff out. much appreciated. Ghostmilk is delicious.
  6. Thanks for the feedback jasfish. you are very right about the timing. and the discontinuous flow. need to shed some of the old and keep some of the newer stuff.
  7. http://www.rustedhouse.com/progress >click on the FINAL PROJECT tab >click on VIEW FINAL PROJECT [its an flv, 320x240, it loads immediately]
  8. http://rustedhouse.com/timO_reel06.mov let me know what you think. all opinions appreciated. tim rustedhouse.com
  9. I recently completed this short animation based on the concept of excessive industrialization. Please share any feedback you have, opinions are crucial. http://rustedhouse.com/timO_progress.mov All done in maya, textures mostly whipped up in photoshop, lots of post work done in AE (highlights, color correction, motion blur, backgrounds and all that jazz) I'm not so into character animation, more objects and ideas, I think this conveys that. tim. rustedhouse.com
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