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  1. It's freakin' gorgeous, as expected. But why would I pay more for a laptop that's slower, has a smaller hard drive and a battery that I can't replace myself? No thanks, Apple Mackbook Pro FTW!
  2. Hi there from The ATL! Representin' North Fulton!
  3. Here's an interesting article about the future of the Photoshop UI. [Link] Enjoy!
  4. For the record: Your boss is a Total Badass!!! (And it was not "cowardish" to go to your boss. It was the best thing you could've done. I would imagine that your boss was actually very proud of how you handled it.)
  5. Unfortunately, I can't be at the Meet & Greet... but I will be in LA for a week next Wednesday (8/22-8/29). So, if anyone wants to kick it, then send me a message.
  6. What's funny is that I just got off the phone with a client about #1 less than ten minutes ago. No kidding!
  7. I avoided pretty much all websites except my Gmail and tech sites (since getting my book Saturday at midnight) because I didn't want to spoil the ending for myself. I finished reading HP7 yesterday afternoon and I freaking loved it! I read pages 691-700 three times! It was so beautifully-written, suspenseful and very sad. Loved it! A perfect finale. Also, the final battle scenes were incredible. I can't wait to see them translate to the screen. It's gonna cost the movie studios a sh*tload of money. *pushes up thick, wire-rimmed glasses*
  8. toosday


    Crap! Nevermind! http://mograph.net/board/lofiversion/index.php?t12905.html
  9. toosday


    Fred Camino? Should I just save myself from ridicule by not asking who he is?
  10. Amen to that! (I wonder if I can use the phone as a tax write-off.)
  11. Working in mograph, I can't even afford this darn thing... iPhone (4 gigabyte model): $499.00 Cheapest Data, Voice Plan (450 min/mos): 1,439.76 Activation Fee: 36.00 TOTAL (two years) $1974.76
  12. toosday

    New Styleframes up

    Very nice! Good work!
  13. Firefox all the way! For Mac and Windows, that is. And it'd totally suck if they bundled it with iTunes, since people who download iTunes typically want a digital jukebox - not a web browser. A move like that'd actually be quite "1995 Microsoft-like" of Apple! Hopefully, it turns out well, though. Right now, the beta's not looking so good. (Is it true that the primary reason Apple's releasing Safari on Windows is so that developers who use that platform can develop apps for the iPhone?)
  14. toosday

    Designer / Model

    Someone just asked me what kind of motion graphics I create about ten minutes ago. Had I seen this earlier, I would have certainly responded, "I don't work in motion graphics; I work in emotion graphics." Wow! Thank you! Thank you so much!
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