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  1. Hi Jort, I've been finding it difficult to find freelancers here. If you have any information on where I can find people, that would be great. I need 3d guys, AE artists, designers, roto artists... A lot of big projects coming down the pipe and I need people to come help me animate them. Thanks, Anthony
  2. Hi All, So I'm making the big move over to Europe and am looking for any kind of mograph resource in Holland. Does anyone here live in or around Amsterdam? I'm going to need to build a list of local designers and animators for upcoming jobs. Thanks so much, Anthony www.anthonyfurlong.com
  3. Get in with brien boyle and do what you can to make the school work for you. If they don't have a class you want, talk to them and make it happen. For example, I worked my schedule out to have a motion elective first term - then during 7th and 8th term I was freelancing and managed to get class credit for it. I waived Motion 1 and went straight into Motion 2 (it sounds like you could do this too, talk to BB) Even though they push learning cinema 4d, I wanted to learn Maya and took those classes instead. I also did a couple independent studies to do some advanced storyboarding. I highly recommend taking a term off to do an internship, you'll learn a lot more than in a classroom and you'll make friends with people who will hire you when you get out. Lastly, push yourself hard. Don't limit yourself to what is taught in the classes, try to go beyond the curriculum and teach yourself outside of the classroom. Good luck, art center is one hell of a ride.
  4. hmm... lets see... Stardust has a foosball table and play soldier network games every day BNS has a foosball table, a basketball hoop, and play soccer once a week Motion Theory has a billiards table and a basketball hoop Exopolis has a basketball hoop and nerf guns National has a foosball table Royale has jayson and brien crackin' mom jokes all day
  5. We've had to create digital tracking marks in after effects, and then track it in boujou. It might seem like overkill, but the maya camera was perfect.
  6. i worked over there for a little bit. The LA office closed up shop very recently. Take a look at the website - only the NY people are on there.
  7. anthony


    no, i didn't. i was an internet programmer for 6 years (flash, asp, sql, .net, etc) and decided i needed to change careers when i was 24. so i went back to school and pushed super hard. btw- this topic kinda moved over here
  8. anthony


    thanks everyone. it's been a lot of hard work getting here. jeffrey - i'll be graduating with my bachelors alim - here's a quick rundown for ya bns nfl - concepting and designing bns vw - concepting, design, and major role in animation prius - entire thing (as well as the other student stuff on the reel) for all the stuff at transistor and stardust i've played a major role in animation. I'm happy to say i'm now (after i graduate, of course) on staff at stardust and will have the chance to work on a lot of amazing projects. The team there seriously rocks.
  9. anthony


    Hey everyone, i know i haven't posted much for a long time, (i was myExperiment, if you remember) but I'm finally graduating from art center and have a new site and my first reel up now. for the past year or so, as well as going to school i've been freelancing at BNS, Transistor, and Stardust as a designer and animator. anthonyfurlong.com anthony. Also, the grad show at art center is next friday, the 15th, from 7-10. There's going to be a lot of great work shown and anyone can go.
  10. i was fortunate to spend 4 months with those rad people last year hmm... if that's your real opinion, you should think about what it means a little more - or maybe motion graphics is a brainless art form....
  11. the staff 3d guys use 3ds, but some jobs with a lot of freelancers (like the nfl network stuff) are in maya. But as i've always said, the best software to use is your brain.
  12. thanks. i changed it to anthonyfurlong.com a while ago. i haven't updated it since i started working about 4 months ago. over the next couple months i'll update the site with freelance work, and finally put together my first reel for graduation in december
  13. i had gotten tired of the "myexperiment" name a while ago. i decided i would be better off just being myself. besides, back then i was extremely new to this stuff. i'd like to think that everything i do now is more purposeful and less of an "experiment"....
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