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  1. this lull in the mograph community reminds me of the 3D industry 7 years ago. *cue 80's distortion/blur effect to transition to a memory. In the mid 90's, late 90's...3D was on fire. companies were throwing themselves at talented 3D guys. SIGGRAPH was a huge party. you would find yourself talking with Rob Coleman at a party simply because the industry was that small back then. the atmosphere was really electric, things were happening. programs were making huge advancements with every update/release. you could feel you were riding an intellectual/technological/artistic wave. but as the industry grew, and schools started churning out more and more folks, the same energy that was once shared by an elite group of folks was now being forced to feed a massive influx of hungry artists. it wasn't the wild frontier anymore. the huge leaps in technology slowed. so did the fat salaries once companies realized they could get any recent grad to do the same job for 30k a year AND he could do it on a cheap PC. i think that with the current state of mograph the energy is just being spread out and shared with more folks. it's coming out of the wild frontier stage. still a pretty good time though.
  2. "if you want people to think you're a genius, start acting like one"
  3. jason trammell his experience streches from sound design at Charlex to live performances with the Barnstormers. email me if you're interested solovelo at gmail dot com
  4. yeah, something doesn't seem right. it's almost as if this is viral propaganda. "let's plant the idea in the public mind that the media may be exaggerating the damage being done." something like this will inevitably cause a subconcious double take when looking at any footage of the conflict.
  5. there's nothing funny about what is going on between Israel and Hezbollah, BUT... http://www.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/meast/08/07/...reut/index.html check out the before and after pics. dude needs to work on his pShop skillz.
  6. both ways. i imagine motion theory has elevated to the level where agencies usually come to them for initial concepts. sometimes studios like Digitial Kitchen don't even go through ad agencies. i've never worked for DK, so i don't know this first hand, but it's my understanding that their "brand theater" philosophy circumvents agencies in favor of working directly with Nike and such.
  7. i disagree. landis bonked on Stage 16 due to a lack of nutrients (he didn't eat/drink enough during the stage). this can happen to anyone, regardless of fitness level and is absolutely not an indicator of form. it's perfectly reasonable that he was able to replenish and recover overnight and perform at a high level on Stage 17...without doping. professional cyclists, like many professional athletes, live in the grey area between natural performance and enhanced performance. it's a slippery slope. i believe he was doing the same thing the rest of the guys were doing, but he may have taken it slightly too far or just mistimed the absorbtion period.
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