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  1. As a Mac guy who switched to Windows recently, here are my mac-like modifications so far: - "seer" simulates OSX's "Quicklook" - SNAGIT which I used to simulate how OSX does screen grabs (I assigned ctl-alt-4 to bring up a crop tool and save the image both in the clipboard and to the desktop auto-named with 'screenshot' and the date and time stamp) - PRORES FOR WINDOWS [i haven't purchased yet but am following progress] - MacDrive which allows your mac formatted drives to be read/write'd to on Windows 10 - For PDF instead of Preview, I just use Acrobat DC since I have Adobe CC anyways. - Still haven't found a mail solution I like as much as OSX mail so I use Win10 mail for now. - Windows Edge browser is still too new so I use Chrome. ALSO of note: - You can add your iCloud account to Windows 10 so it will have all of your OSX contacts and calendar events in sync with your macs or iphone. But note it will error by default when you enter your iCloud password. You need to go to your iCloud account and have Apple generate a password for a non-apple product that you will use instead. Once you add this to windows, your Windows "People" will be in sync with your Mac world. - I have been looking for any solution to allow you to chat on windows with Apple iMessage or standard SMS texts and I cannot find a solution. Would love if anyone knows if this exists. You can send a single SMS message but not have a 2-way convo. So for now I'll keep a Mac Pro or Mac Laptop on the side of my desk for iMessaging.
  2. Echo......echo..... IF anyone is still out there reading this. I bought a Surface Studio last December. Arrived mid Jan. I'm in total love with it as hardware and the Windows 10 experience. I've been a Mac head since the early 90's and now I don't give a shit about it anymore. I spend all my time on the Studio and it's a bummer when I pick up my Macbook Pro or mess with the Trash can Mac. I installed some helper apps to be more mac like (like Snag it and programmed it to simulate OSX's cropped screen grabs to desktop functionality). And I'm happy as a clam. I miss iMessage stuff and an email client that isn't outlook or thunderbird that is as balanced and capable as OSX mail. But, I feel at home now and am excited to build a hella custom rig for work and blasting on Battlegrounds. Mac is dead. It died along with Steve.
  3. Bought it. LOVE IT. That is what MacOS should have been doing for 20 years.
  4. I went to the MS store last week for the first time ever to check it out. The store was dead in the middle of the day (whereas the Apple store nearby was packed). I played with it for about 20 minutes. I found the opposite. The palm rejection was impressive. I'm not a pro drawerererer, but I could sketch on it with my hand laying on it just fine and it only picked up what the pen was doing. That being said, the minimum threshold of a stroke was pretty high. So don't excited about drawing wispy hairs on it. But after playing with it and poking around Win10 a little bit, it seemed lovely to use and look at. I like how it has that snapping system. So when you want to make an app full screen or share a screen it always felt very clean and well organized. Obviously you can still have a bunch of oddly shaped windows scattered all around if that's your preference, but I found it had a better system than OSX about having screens full size and not being a pain in the ass to switch between or get out of that mode.
  5. You may be right. Here is a page describing options. Option #3 looks pretty good. Appears that it makes it seamless so that File Explorer treats it native. I wonder if speed is affected. Any normal documents I don't care about as I'll have it on Dropbox. The issue is shit tons of camera data from shoots that are unrealistic to keep on Dropbox and you need hella speed from your RAID. But if Mac drives in general appear as native, that will help a lot in the feeling comfortable with it area.
  6. Would it though? (Hi Binky. Miss you, Boo) I've been thinking a lot about this the last few days. I feel I represent a lot of folks in software use and everything is so cloud based now, would it really make a difference? Like I use my computers as a dummy terminal already as of late: Music : Spotify - cloud based / runs on PC Files: Dropbox / Cloud based. I never store files on my computers directly anymore. All SAVEs go to my dropbox account. No more Documents folder or Desktop or what have you. So I buy windows , install Dropbox Desktop app and continue with life. Adobe CC: Cloud based / Runs on PC Editing / Color / Composite: DaVinci Resolve / Nuke / Fusion. All PC compatible Music: Ableton Live & ProTools / PC compatible Email: Cloud Based Chat: Slack / Cloud based Text based notes and files : Evernote / Cloud based Game Dev: Unity / PC compatible My only issue is how "Native" ProRes works on Windows. Outside of that I feel like I would buy a PC and set in a shitload of passwords and download all the same software and life moves on. Possible hang-ups: My giant library of Mac Formatted drives. Film business only passes around mac formatted drives from shoots. Drives / Drives / Drives Even if I format my new drives as exFAT, I only interact with people who assume Mac formatting. Advantages: - Touch with a real OS and not iOS. - Video game mecca - I like how Windows has universal apps that are for mobile and PC. Not that I would own a Windows phone. But I think it's slick on your PC with touch to watch Hulu / Netflix / YouTube and all that as apps and not websites. Disadvantages (assuming switch out my laptop to PC as well) - No iMessage which the majority of my friends, family, and colleagues use. Windows has "people" but I know one person with a PC. - No more making/receiving calls from my laptop with the iPhone. All of this justification so I can have a giant surface studio on a laptop stand in bed to watch giant movies with my fingers
  7. Wow. This feels weird replying in mograph after quite a while. I have to say, After being a Machead for a couple of decades+, I am very disillusioned with Apple since Steve passed away. Everything MS seems to be doing in the last few years is doing Apple better than Apple. This Surface and the surface notebook look pretty amazing I have to say. I think my only reservation with switching over would be that I use ProRes constantly for everything and am unsure how integrated you can have ProRes in Win10. Between releasing a "Pro" computer once recently 3 years ago and now down to stupid changes like a 'cancel' key instead of 'esc', I just don't know what the hell Apple is up to anymore. I may get a Surface book as my gateway experience. With the Surface Studio, what are the primary means of using connected hardware like RAIDs and Video SDI boxes and such? On MacPro everything is Thunderbolt. Is PC using Thunderbolt as well or other solution?
  8. Shit, everyone on this board owes Harry something. Although it's Firemind's board and Sao is probably the spiritual leader, Harry has spent years running this joint and helping out. Everyone should stop and throw something at Harry now. He is a shining example of your mograph brethren.
  9. On CG Talk they were asking me about progress on Autocam so thought I would copy what I posted there. Some screen grabs and partial feature description on what is new since I showed at NAB 2012: ---- This shows the cam list and Shot settings. As well as the ability to trim some of the algorithms (had to blur one I'm testing) that are going on to auto time your animation based on waypoint positions , rotations, and POIs. When I originally showed at NAB in 2012, all of the waypoints were equally spaced. Now there are many new algorithms that space them for you to start with. Things like how much direction change is needed can add weight (simulates sense of mass), if you are asking a camera to do a heavy rotation while not travelling very far it will give more time to the cam so it doesn't whip pan. It also takes into account how far waypoints are from each other relative to the whole animation. Every 3 waypoints creates a triangle which gives AC the area of the triangle and it makes adjustments in timings based on how much every group of 3 needs for distance, change of direction etc. All of this is automatic when you set the waypoints, but it gives you auto-keyframed timings that are close-to ideal for what you want. Then you will be allowed to do whatever you want to it from there if you want it changed or customized. Here is the Waypoints tab. There is a Waypoints tab because as Autocam moves from waypoint to waypoint, all of their parameters are copied into these parameters that you can tweak from Autocam itself. Any changes you make are set on the waypoint objects. You'll see since I demoed it, there are now full stops, full eases, as well as a way to set the POI depth without having to leave Autocam. It creates a "Pivot Plane" which is a clipping plane only while you are adjusting the slider so you know where your POI is in the world from your render camera. You also see a "Create Mode" menu. (As opposed to Run Mode). You can now use AutoCam itself as a "brush" to populate your scene with waypoints. No more creating cams and then dropping them into a list. When in create mode. You set AC where you want it in the world, set it's name, pivot depth, any lens changes you want or stop oe ease settings and hit the create button and it left a new waypoint with those settings there and added it to the waypoint list. That way everything you do CAN be done within Autocam for the most artistic and natural experience of creating and tweaking. Here you see the normalized velocity graph above the Main Timebar. The Velocity graph is normalized so that the most intense velocity change sets the width of the "waveform". This is a nice guide so that you can adjust the tick marks just below it and see how it affects the result. The time bar is now interactive, you can grab those tick marks and move them. If you go left or right they compress and expand their neighbors proportionally relative relationships are maintained as much as possible. Whether it compresses only after itself or before or after is a pulldown option. If you drag UP or DOWN on a tick mark it adds or takes away weight to that waypoint. Which makes it's neighbors repel away from it or attract to it proportionally. The auto-engine makes camera timing for you pretty damn perfect to begin with so when it's time to give the user the ability to override it, it's designed to do the least damage as possible to the relationships set up by the engine. GUI section thus far. The top two things (drawing of cam and target path as well as the Velocity Graph) are marked as SLow, because every cycle it precomputes every single frame in your shot in advance to draw a very accurate plot on screen of where your camera is in space at every frame and a normalized velocity graph for the whole shot. So for example if your shot is 800 frames long, turning them on will need 800 extra cycles of calculation for every C4D frame. So you should use them for analytics then keep them off. I can't just draw a spline to screen because Autocam doesn't really use splines. It is a cocktail of many functions creating the path, add on top of that your ability to add stops, eases, etc, means that it needs to be plotted frame by frame. But the good part is when you add eases and all that you see it in the dot spacings of the camera path plot. Cam Path Plot: As mentioned above , this is a temporary clipping plane when you are moving the Pivot Depth so without leaving Autocam, you can set it to reach out and set the POI to touch something.
  10. I think there's a few things to think about. One, grass is always greener. So there will simply be times when the "other thing" looks more appealing. Those times will always come and go. So look at the deep ocean swells or tides of your experiences and not the "chop" on the tops of your waves when it comes to your thoughts and emotions about a job. If you follow the chop you will be a mental wreck. I think it's common for people to have a job and a side hobby. On one hand it's good to have a job you love and would be your hobby, but at the same time, doing it for a living has a way of ruining it for you as well. I had a friend when we were teenagers who loved to hang out with me and play at the public pool. Until that summer he got a job there and became a lifeguard. Guess who stopped ever wanting to hang out there and play? We have ad agency people call us every few months wanted to have lunch out of nowhere and it almost always ends up with a "I'm sick of my job, can you guys make me a : director / producer / exec producer?". Yet they went to school and had all their experiences in the ad game, not the film game. But they have these pivital moments I guess where they get sick of it. I will note for the record that not one of them has ever gone on to ever produce / direct / exec produce. Whereas I've directed commercials for a 13 years now and a feature film before that and I daydream about being a quiet TD in a back room of a major effects house getting asked to program cool plugins and solutions for their artists. That's why I hang out here at mograph. I have a real job, but I admire all the things that you rugrats do. My point is. No matter what the job, you will always admire something else and focus a lot of attention on it. So you should ask yourself is it your personal interest or your career path destiny? Another thing to think about is your age and where it's all leading you. Harry "Gray Machine" Frank had a brilliant post a few years back about age, being over the constant struggle of being a mograph artist and the long hours to appease someone else or someone else's career. When you're a teenager or in your 20's or early 30's it seems reasonable but there's a point where you grow out of your give-a-shit to do that. When you have a wife and kids you will then be questioning why you waste your life clocking in crazy grueling hours, missing time with them which is the most important commodity to you at this point. SO, understand from this 41 year old - old dog. Life moves fast as fuck. I barely remember my 30's they flashed by so quick. Make plans that set you up for how you will feel in your 40s and beyond. Work towards that always. Don't be satisfied because you got a chance to work on some AE comps or some sites for some folks. For that is just the beginning. Where is that leading to? What is your end game?
  11. I give Dove PR props for that online campaign they did a few months ago with the police sketch artist, but this is total shit. The level of smug is stratospheric. I also feel they are targeting the wrong person. Designers do it because they are paid by someone who eventually will publish that photo. Is it the designer's fault he good at something someone asked him to do? They are making the "worker bee" the scapegoat and then gloating how they BUSTED them. Whole thing is so arbitrary and mis-directed. They just know that "Photoshop" is now the word every woman knows replacing "Airbrushed" so they attack that. What's next? An infiltration of Adobe's offices and attack the PS software coders as they sip on Red Bull?
  12. It was "Negative Nancy" And I contend it was meant with a lighthearted wink I can certainly be one myself on many(most?) occasions.
  13. What's interesting is whomever coded the tracker clearly had to have the data in screen space to at the very least draw the widgets on screen to show where the final points are. Seems like it wouldn't be too hard in a future update to allow you to click on a point and have it create a null with 2D track keys. Kind of like the "Reconsile3D" node in Nuke.
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