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  1. Adding to this. Is the 'moving the mouse while collecting causes a broken collect file directory thingy' something that happens to other people? 'Cause if so, please fix that so I can be more productive and not have to leave my desk in fear of bumping the mouse.
  2. Sorry Todd, maybe that was a bit harsh. I appreciate all of your efforts. I'm a frustrated user for a lot of reasons, but a big one is the playstation subscription model that I do like, but find that I'm now managing a lot more update maintenance than ever before. You can argue that 'well you can just not upgrade', but I think most freelancers and others know that's not true. Other companies upgrade and send new version files, etc., so you have to have a hand in the update in some fashion. All of that is fine and I can live with having to hide my older versions in a safehouse folder in case when the new version breaks. Something as basic as ram preview that worked fine, that became a fluid part of anyone's workflow since it's introduction - broke. Literally going against the the old adage. And I'm not a tech guy, maybe it IS because 'it's not done yet' or 'it's being rebuilt to support some new memory blah blah blah'. But I'm just a dumb user and want it to work, without being a test subject for wild new innovations like a broken ram preview. Maybe I'm getting a little overheated, maybe I'm having a bad day, but I do appreciate your efforts and this isn't aimed at you but Adobe in general. A company that I truly believe has 17 different cafeterias just so the devs don't talk to each other. Sorry for the rant overall, I know this is a thread for positive and useful advice. So I'll go for something small. How about merging Lloyd's old Immigration script into AE, and other small things like layer groups mentioned earlier that just enhance workflow.
  3. I love this thread and the others that discuss this. I'm in same boat. Mac for life, prob going to PC (run bootcamp for games and have done work but not 24/7). That quickview solution and things like that are the tiny little details that help. Stoked on Octane, stoked on power, speed and price, not stoked on Apple. I don't wear watches. Was wondering about this win10 push for summer 2017, where supposedly old OS will lose support. Is that something to care about, or will soft just run fine in 10 by then? And yeah, the hardware stuff dizzys the mind.
  4. You win this time Kopriva, until we meet again. But seriously thanks. Sometimes I'm too busy working to find these things, and that's sort of the big issue for me.
  5. OK, Maybe there's some simple thing I'm missing with this. But in AE 2015, when expressions break, a handy lil orange bar pops up. How do I destroy it? Clicked around the icons and nada. It politely shrinks down to half it's annoying size, but that's it. Can we just have a debug window for this? I get that yes, I can go and fix the errors, but what if I don't want to? So before I rant and say crazy shit that I'll regret when someone says, "just click this", can someone tell me if there's a simple way to kill it? If there's not, then let the ranting commence.
  6. Curious, do most people still use BG render script? I know its been around for some time. I've always maxxed out my cores with it and its bailed me out of some heavy render times, so I've just always craved the cores as well as the CPU speed.
  7. I'm a total PC noob, but am also treading down this path, somewhat nervous/excited. Was wondering if there's a good balance available between cores and clock speed? Also Vozz, could you recommend a good cloud render farm? Thx
  8. Yeah, makes sense. Building a toolkit that client needs to use, so trying to minimize headache. Fun. Thanks for the reply.
  9. I'm in the process of searching, but thought I'd shout out here. Has anyone come across a script or trick for building a toolkit with a live text or image based precomp, that then gets passed through a shape layer, so you can add repeaters and other shape layer effects? I'm 98% sure it's not possible, but thought I'd ask. Thanks.
  10. That's a cool portable build. I didn't even know about pc part picker. Dope site. Have to check that out.
  11. I know it's not entirely accurate but I love that this kind of sums up Apple's journey.
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