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  1. Technique is one thing, but I think the "cheat" part comes into play when you pass your file off to someone, or try and make a revision to a project 2 years from when you created it. It often becomes clear that you made a last minute revision that is really hard to change because you didn't take the time to go and do it the "right way". That said, you have to judge for yourself if it's going to save you more time to cheat, or to do it the long way in the end. Really all these techniques should be about saving you time, or achieving a result that would be otherwise impossible. If it makes your life more miserable in the end, you're doing it wrong.
  2. Ya, x264 has fixed the gamma problem, although it took a while to make it not crash. I was trying to export at 720x405, and it didn't like it. I cropped 5 pixels off to 720x400, and that fixed the problem. I think it doesn't like odd numbers, or they need to be multiples of 10 or something like that. Of course it's not documented anywhere, so it's a guessing game to make it work. This is excellent news in general though, as I can finally give up sorenson 3.
  3. Just going to bump this, as I have always had this problem. After looking into it, the Video Copilot method is probably not a great idea, as it doesn't always work, and can lead to playback performance issues. Chris Meyer has supposedly found a fix here
  4. Ya, i realize that. This is actually HD, and i probably won't end up using an actual 1 pixel line, it was just driving mad that I couldn't make it work.
  5. more detail: if you are creating an odd numbered stroke (ie. 1 pt, 3 pt, etc) the size of a box would need to be an even number (ie 220x220) and you need a half pixel for the anchor point. Otherwise it will try and antialias it. Obviously if you're animating the thing it's going to do that anyway, but interesting anyways.
  6. just answered my own question. if you make the anchor point 0.5 x 0.5 it seems to work.
  7. Dear collective, Why o why can I not get a 1 pixel line in after effects? shape layers don't work, stroke filter won't work either. I need to create a box in ae that can scale but remains 1 pixel thick - so no illustrator or psd files. Using a white 1 pixel as a stroke will alway render a medium grey 2 pixel line because it's trying to anti-alias it. Yes, i've made sure that all points are on exact pixels, both for the shape layer and the position and anchor point values. Any ideas?
  8. It must be hard for the legal team to put together the documents for a merger like that when every 2nd sentence has the word Stink in it.
  9. what's cool is you can then easily just animate the nulls, put expressions on them or whatever you want to do, and it will draw a line for you in 3d space.
  10. haha, the way we did it for the studio dialog reel was with gray's awesome 3d beam trick. I basically wanted to do exactly that, but before figuring it out myself, I did a quick search, and found that he had fully made a rad working expression.
  11. typographic karma for the offense of stretching letters?
  12. Ok, deaf, blind, or kicked in the balls every other hour for a lifetime.
  13. SteveCo


    We have been doing most of our stuff in 720p for the past year or so. Even most work that is destined for the web we will build at 720 now. We haven't got a lot of requests for 1080 anything yet, but I'm willing to bet in 5 years most people will be using it exclusively.
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