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  1. Basic, it was rough at first if I'm to be honest. I had to customize a lot to get a similar experience to working on the Mac. PC is very a'la carte and granular. You can control and customize every little bit, but sometimes there are conflicts if you do. That was frustrating to me, because on a Mac it just works and it's very hard to break. Everything kind works together and there's a harmony to the look and feel. Not so on Windows 10. The DPI fix for me w/ monitors was very frustrating. I wanted a big 4k monitor, because I've been working w/ big files. 6k, 9k, 4k etc.... It helps to have a monitor so you can spot check those and see exactly what's going on during playback. But C4D didn't update their UI like they did on the Mac, so I could either have super small icons or a fuzzy UI. It was worse for plug-ins like Element 3D and Optical Flares. The scene set-up UI was tiny and unusable. So I eventually settled on a 2K monitor, which is fine for the most part, but large files are still hard to spot check (like the 9k and 6k). Once I got past the set-up and troubleshooting phase, it was gold. I'm really pleased with it. It still won't be my favorite thing to design in (it's not drag files onto an app friendly), but for AE and C4D it's tops. It's a lot faster than my Mac was and easier to work w/ intensive plug-ins and stuff. Octane is awesome and great for look dev. Even the physical renderer is pretty snappy. Way shorter render times. My wifi is way stronger than my Mac. There's a great system for backups. Having this many drives under one box been a great organizational tool for me, and I'm not dealing w/ a shit ton of extra wires and externals. I'm rocking 128 GB Ram, so it feels like infinite RAM. Longer and better RAM previews for complicated scenes, make getting it smooth and correct before rendering a snap. I've seen the new Mac rumors and what they are updating the trash can pros to be, looks like a stop gap for the moment. The specs really didn't change. Mac is redesigning the Mac Pro again, but they haven't said when that shit was coming out. It's at least a year away if not more. So if you don't count the minor refresh that was announced (which I don't), it will be something like 5-6 years between legit Mac Pro updates (from 2013 to 2018/19). The one good thing that they said they would be more forthcoming with their plans for the pro market, which is good news. From now, I'm good on my PC. I do keep my old Mac Laptop around for when clients send me Mac fonts. I bought TransType 4 and convert them to OTF on my Mac then send 'em over to my PC and now they finally work.
  2. There's a pretty good review of that here: http://www.provideocoalition.com/windows-prores-first-impressions/ It seems like it's a lot closer to a true Pro-Res than the Miraizon one. Less blocky, although it still may be in beta. I'm using an old Miraizon one for now, but will probably switch once this new one gets a bit more stable.
  3. I use One Commander when I'm sifting through image stock. You can see a preview of most in the thumb window, which makes it handy. Still, nothing that I've found that supports thumbs which is kind of annoying. Nevermind, found a solution after posting this: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-files/windows-10-quicktime-thumbnails/1b667bac-36fd-40a8-b9e7-b28b256a4516 Also Icaros for thumbnails for .movs (even pro res and animation codec .movs) http://www.videohelp.com/software/Icaros And Fast Picture Viewer Codec Pack for .psd thumbnails in explorer. Super handy when looking for assets!
  4. So hey, I finally pulled the trigger Black Friday 2016. Thought I'd update y'all. I got a custom build that had an overclocked 6960x 10 cores to 4.3GHz 2x GTX 1080s, 128 GB Ram, like 4 SSDs and 3 HDs. It's water cooled and a beast. I had some issues with the radiator fans at first and with updates w/ WHEA Error code thing that was related to the overclock. That's since been repaired and adjusted (right out the box!). So I've had some ups and downs with it. Overall it's a good build and I'm happy I made the switch finally. Octane is great with the GTX 1080s. AE doesn't use them for Raytracing, but Raytracing is being phased out anyways. AE 2017 CC using the GPU for hardware acceleration fine (issues w/ 2015). I design/animate on 2017 and save down to 2014 for heavy renders. Medi Encoder is also fine w/ GPU acceleration. I have an SLI but it's not enabled. If I had to do it all over I maybe would have gone for Kaby Lake w/ Titan X (pascals). In the future, I still might build a straight design/animate box and have this as a beastly render node. I found this spread sheet of AE 2014 (afterwards of course!): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17bb2RuT6UW89yUXcBTOEKHR1IHlTf4cJQOEFsvjvwSQ/edit#gid=0 it's from this article: https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Adobe-After-Effects-CC-2014-Multi-Core-Performance-716/ Also this one on AE 2015.3 https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Adobe-After-Effects-CC-2015-3-Multi-Core-Performance-843/ It really goes into depth on explaining what's CPU is better for what version of AE and how everything changed. Oh yeah, one last issue. Scaling sucks on Windows 10. I tried 2 different 4K monitors (dual 24"s and a 32") and eventually went w/ a 27" QHD (2k) Dell. Otherwise, Cinema had tiny Icons or was fuzzy, and Element 3D and Optical Flares were pretty much unusable with tiny UI.
  5. jcrash


    Hey guys! This is a quick little 10-second animation illustrating Rich Koz’s Svengoolie first line ever on TV. I used DUIK to rig the character and After Effects to animate.
  6. Hey guys, I wrote this Client Guide: How Much Does Video Cost? blog post. I wrote it mostly for the client side of things, but maybe you can find some useful info in it as well. Let me know what you think and give a shout if I missed anything. Cheers!
  7. Thanks govinda, that makes me feel better! Good luck and please let us know what you end up going with.
  8. I'm in a stalemate, to be honest. What happened was I was really looking into getting a PC. I could not for the life of me decide between processors/set-ups. I posted in this thread that Vozzz started. http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=30169&do=findComment&comment=218710 It was such an investment and I didn't want to pick the wrong thing. I was very close to going with the Skylake build (still might!). However after more research I've read that new Intel Broadwell - EP processors were probably coming out in Q1 2016 that were a bit more suited to my needs. A holy grail combination of core & clock speed. I decided I could ride out my Macbook Pro until these came out. And quite honestly to see if a new Mac Pro would come out this year and if it would be worth it (Because after looking closely at a PC I started immediately thinking, how can I make this look like OSX?). This news article confirms a crazy processor that is being built for the NSA and is rumored to be 5.1GHZ Quad Core Xeon E5-2602 V4. OEMs may or may not get a crack it. There may also be something with a lower clock and 8 cores. Like a 4GHZ 8core. http://wccftech.com/intel-rumored-launch-51-ghz-xeon-e52602-v4-processor-broadwellep-lineup-features-165w-tdp/ So since I'm not ATM in desparate need I shall wait and see. Thanks for everybodys input! Sorry if my indecision pisses you off!
  9. Thanks! Just added part two as well. http://attackmotiondesign.com/client-guide-write-a-video-brief-2/
  10. I wrote this article because I was finding lots of clients that are new to video and haven't really written a brief before or even knew why it was important to have one. This is part one, part two is on the way and hopes to tackle some more in-depth topics. Please feel free to chime with a comment on the site if I've overlooked anything. Maybe this will be helpful for some of you that are running into newby clients as well. http://attackmotiondesign.com/client-guide-how-to-write-a-proper-video-brief-to-save-you-time-and-money/
  11. I searched mograph before posting and didn't really see any post addressing this yet. So for those out there still on a Mac, is El Captan ready for daily use yet? What I mean is it working well with the Adobe suite, C4D and major plug-ins like Trapcode, Sapphire, Element 3D, Optical Flare and the like? I know there were some big AE issues out the gate. But I think those may have been somewhat resolved now. I've seen a few post elsewhere on the web about this, but not a lot from any video professionals. I'd be upgrading from Mavericks, so I know I'd lose Quicklook on most videos which is a bummer. My options to run Yosemite is over as there doesn't seem to be a legit way of getting it from Apple anymore. A few newer plugins are Yosemite and newer so that's one of the big reasons I'm looking to upgrade.
  12. I'm not going to argue your points Binky as they are valid, but print outs can help a lot during kick-off/hand-off meetings. I have a Epson Artisan 1430 that's great for that kind of work and I've printed out some roughs for comic book pages as well on 11x17 blue-lined 2-ply bristol. It's pretty sweet and I'm happy with the performance. Inks can get $ as with any printer.
  13. Check out this series of tutorials from School of Motion on handrawn animation in Photoshop. http://www.schoolofmotion.com/photoshop-animation-series-part-1/ Most of that is probably a combination of methods. Some of it AE, some of it Photoshop and maybe some of it is a dedicated 2D animation program like Toon Boom Harmony, AnimatePro, TvPaint or AnimeStudio. Harmony is awesome but super expensive. I would do as much as you can in AE or Photoshop then check out a demo of AnimeStudio if you have some more character based scenes. Then use turbulent displace w/ everything pinned at low amount w/ around 3 times the size (play with these setting) to get that shaky kind of look.
  14. Thanks Vozz, I'm digging the 80's retro look of Cool Master, Master Case 5. Looks like a box from Escape From New York.
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