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  1. hey there fellas- so this has been eating me up for like a week and i am hoping you guys can help me out. cut a new reel, with the audio as a .wav and an .aiff. Edited it up using CS3. When i make my ram preview close up in my timeline (ie 5 or 6 seconds long, say 20 seconds in on a 1:20 long comp) it looks perfect. Then i play it down, and its off by a few seconds. I expected this with an mp3 but a wav? I've never had that go down before. Any ideas?
  2. there should be charts on the mograph wiki err something, that say how seriously you should take your holds with each company...some are serious about getting you when they put a second, some dont even take note of giving you a first.
  3. k i ended up addressing this issue. found a link over on cgtalk http://www.planetsandvegetables.com/mograp...spline2.c4d.zip with some espresso that lets you bind points in a spline to null objects. thanks for the help, though.
  4. Does anybody know if it is possible to ease/smooth point level animation in C4D? there seems to be no PLA data in my f-curve. I am working in v.9.
  5. http://motionographer.com/2007/12/16/digit...quest/#comments so where do you draw the line?
  6. did u see feed today? or are u being sarcastic?
  7. http://jeffreywelk.com went freelance and moved to brooklyn about 3 weeks ago, wanted to drop the site and reel on you guys and maybe get some feedback. moves gone pretty well and have had decent luck with finding work (although i'm not particularly fond of the hold system ). i graduated uni in june and have been working (permalance mostly) for the previous year. let me know if you got any advice, be it for the reel, freelance, or just surviving the mean streets of nyc -j
  8. you don't go to a place expecting to be a 'permalancer'. you go as a freelancer, like the big day rate, and stick around because it beats looking for jobs every other week. it seems like these freelancers are asking for staff benefits with freelance pay?
  9. jeffrey

    New Work

    honestly, i think your (trenz) 3d type work is more efficient (at least in a design sense) than much of that out there. as for the 'extremely experimental' flourescent type work, thats pure illustration, not communication...you are using it for what it is meant to be used for- legible communication design. its refreshing.
  10. jeffrey

    New Work

    you framework guys love 3d type. looking nice though.
  11. jeffrey

    New Website

    the clean feel of your site is nice. your logo is horrendous. why does it look like a graffiti tag? why doesn't it match the consistency of the rest of the site? what is this supposed to contribute to your brand? what is its purpose? not only that, but the tag itself screams amateur graffiti artist. it looks like you have a lot of people that are relying on your business, keep it professional and quit messing around.
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