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  1. i bugged him for a day and a half and he responded. my frame was lost somehow so he gave me some options. hopefully they get sent out soon.
  2. My address never changed. He responded to me once back in July but after that nothing. I don't want to sit on here and try and get a response but at this point I don't know how else to get him to acknowledge the fact that I never received my panel.
  3. I backed it, i haven't received the frame I chose back in july. has everyone gotten theres? he hasn't responded to me since july.
  4. yeah that's what it was.....it was freaking me out.
  5. you can delete this i figured it out.
  6. ..i animated everything and it looks good and shows up in the editor but the cloner object w/ the flowers isn't rendering in the beginning. here is the scene file..... i tried adding a mograph cache tag and baking it but it still didn't work. http://thegoodlife-mgfx.com/wip/c4d.zip any help is greatly appreciated!
  7. I need advice on what route to follow. basically i'm going to have 5 different shapes floating along mixed together....at some point they seperate into their individual shape groups. 1. when i make a emitter and add the objects with individual rigid body tags they move along good but then they start sticking together and acting weird. I'm also not sure if this is the right technique for splitting them apart at the end. 2. thinking particles? how do you add dynamics so they don't intersect with each other? 3. matrix object on an emitter? any advice would be great.... thanks!
  8. ....showing my age...... back in the day when i was a kid GI Joes, Transformers, He-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and almost everything in 80's pop culture was exploding.....now most of this stuff is obviously making a comeback w/ technology getting better and better. so at what point do people just say....i dislike this idea and move on or just trash something because it was "done" before?
  9. what's more important...the finished piece or how they they made the finished piece? in my mind a tool is a tool and if you're a good or bad designer it's going to show regardless of what you have to work with.....
  10. you have some fantastic work. i'm nowhere on your level but i always like when the edit plays off the music.....that's what i'm missing from your reel. something like this:https://vimeo.com/36693150. build some anticpation and excitement ...but other than that your work rocks.
  11. Thanks! I really appreciate it! i'm working on getting my site together and will def impliment the involvement of what I did for each......and I contimplated cutting the ribbon scene too. thanks again for the kind words!
  12. i'm interested to know what you think! thanks!
  13. this shiz is amazing.....I love everything about it from the visuals to the music i need to watch it again!
  14. check these... some of them are ok....the farther you go back the shittier the model lol
  15. had to dig around a bit....but this link would work just fine....
  16. fyi, it takes forever to load....i'm sure people will bail after 10-20 seconds. ;( i want to see it because your work looks great tho.
  17. I got bored last week and was shooting some video around my house....i got this goofy video. the ant fight
  18. it's a wordpress site......you're going to run into this when they are free themes.
  19. how do you guys use google 3d warehouse models?
  20. too short? I like your work, especially the circle animation at the end.....but just when i thought it was getting started it ended!
  21. Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew of any good internal company videos that were fun and creative? I'm looking for some inspiration.....something like this but better: http://www.wearehughes.com/index.html thx
  22. anthonyc

    Shapes In Motion

    awesome man, thanks so much for sharing....there's nothing like being generous and sharing your knowledge! btw your work is amazing!
  23. hi! i was able to buy a really cool model, but it didn't have any rigging or anything....but i found a few tutorials and i was able to "rig" him on my own and here's what i came up with: i'm not great at it but i had tons of fun making this piece.... let me know what you think?
  24. try using wrl files?
  25. loved it, loved the music....
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