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  1. I thought the site died. Just realized that I have not been getting updates via an rss reader for a while now. Is anyone else having these problems? Maybe a board software update killed the rss feed working with Google Reader. Or maybe, I'm just stupid. Either way, someone still have it working with Google?
  2. Wacom in front of me, keyboard behind that. I'm a lefty. Off to the right of the wacom is one of these: http://retail.contourdesign.com/?/products/23 I could not use a tablet full time without one of these. Scrolling web pages, timelines in FCP and AE, play controls, insert, overwrite edits, etc. Also, I can't stand the buttons on the wacom pen, I disabled those first thing and use one of the buttons on the tablet for right mouse click.
  3. You might want to look into those camera models and the way they record. I tried to track with my HV20 and it was unable to lock onto any features. The HV20 at least uses a CMOS chip with a rolling shutter, which trackers cannot lock on to. There is a workaround (I heard) but it involves some not-to-easy steps. http://www.ssontech.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=478
  4. Switched to a Wacom 6x11 about a month ago because of wrist problems. I was about to throw it out the window before the first week, but after that I can't think about going back to using a mouse again. I agree with the clenched fist. I am going to have to try that foam trick. Someone else mentioned the Griffin Powermate. I though about that one but ended up getting the ShuttlePro2 because of the additional buttons. Could not say enough great things about that device. http://www.contourdesign.com/shuttlepro/
  5. This has been a huge pain for me for a while. Reading this thread motivated me to look up a x264 encoder for quicktime pro mac. It seems like from the searching I did this is the best one. http://www003.upp.so-net.ne.jp/mycometg3/ Read here also; http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=8551140 Just tried it, and I can confirm that it works better than the standard h264 one in quicktime, it also has a bit smaller file size.
  6. AMAZING!!!! Wow who knew that a script can make a Monday morning feel like Christmas. Thanks for your work!
  7. mixtracks


    No kidding! That is great!
  8. The Process http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kU9YeOQm3Y0 Sound familiar?
  9. We might give this a shot... http://www.mediabatch.com/
  10. On a Mac? If so... If it looks like a gamma shift jump (i.e. one frame gamma high and the rest of the frames gamma at the normal level) then yes, I have it happen a lot. Purging does help, but then the jump happens at the beginning of the comp. Jumping occurs when there are renders and re-renders of different sections in the timeline. It happens on HD footage only either DVCPRO HD or ProRes.
  11. mixtracks


    I second the HTPC. Have used one for years. Best media device you can get for the home, after the initial cost/setup.
  12. I am no stock expert but this can't be good. AVID Stock It does seem though that the recent news helped the stock a few cents though.
  13. Dammit, well it was good while it lasted.
  14. Bedazzle as in Liberace. http://mybedazzler.com/ craft device for people who like shiny things. Cool addition govinda. Mikeh, the spline does define the falloff from the center out, though I don't know if that is the correct method. Also, I am not sure if you need a closed spline or not, but it seemed to work for the one letter.
  15. Here is the sloppy scenefile. I say sloppy because the spline used was not as good as it could be, I had a hard time getting the inside elements to stay in the boundaries of the letter, it can be done better. The textures have not been optimized for rendering yet. But it should point you all in the right direction. http://www.visiontracks.com/test/Bedazzle_Text.c4d
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