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    What blogs do you follow?

    Not really blogs but i like to hang out on ArtStation.com and Behance.net
  2. I like it a lot very solid work. No a days the lines between VFX and Mograph are pretty blurred so I think it all flows pretty well. Being a windows 8 / surface / windows phone 8 guy I have to agree skydrive is pretty dope. Have you found a way to password protect files on it? I usually just use my vimeo account to let clients view drafts but would be nice to use skydrive to be able to send assets back n forth I'm not really diggin dropbox to much.
  3. TrenZ

    Great Mograph Places?

    http://squeezeme.tv/ It's a one stop shop of several top mograph related sites
  4. TrenZ

    Sequence - New reel, Halo 4 case study (finally!)

    Very cool. I just saw a demo of how to use the Kinect for mocap the other night at DMALA. Seems like the Kinect will be a game changer to allow more boutiques to have access to doing mocap. Nice reel also always a fan of the motion comics.
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    What's with all your hollier than thou smart ass responses to everyone. No wonder Vozzz wants to round house kick you in the back of the head.
  6. TrenZ


    Shops open and close all the time in this business. When bigger shops close the talents with in those companies pull together and form smaller boutiques and work their companies up. Another trend is alot of artist can work remotely now with the way the internet is set up you dont always need to do the 9-5 at an office you can do alot of this stuff from your own home office. I like how shops are popping up all over the place now instead of being centralized in NY,CHI, and LA it gives me hope I can relocate to Hawaii and still keep doing mograph for high profile clients not just local.
  7. This is a pretty good one they http://dennytu.wordpress.com/
  8. TrenZ

    Halo 4

    Nice work Aaron must've been fun to work on
  9. They really dont have a right to complain its either you have the gig to offer or you don't. I know sometimes they are waiting to hear back from potential clients if a job is coming in or not but I would think that you should only book an artist when youve 100% confirmed that you have the job. I've lost more than a few gigs when I first started about because I got caught up in first holds then a place wanted to book me then its like hold on let me see if my first holds wants me or not then the 1st hold takes all day to get back to you and they let you go but by then the other studio already books someone because they dont have time to wait around for you. I think producers should use more of a heads up system like hey heads up I might have this job if your interested you can wait to hear back if we have ir or if not its cool well catch you next time.
  10. TrenZ

    A bit discouraged.

    The school you went to should have prepared you and told you that you need to save money while in school because if you want the good gigs your going to need to be in the cities where the jobs are such as LA, NY, Chi, etc... In my personal experience I packed everything I could in my car and moved from Pittsburgh,PA to Los Angeles with nothing out here just a hunger to work. I took a internship which was the best thing I did because I not only gained professional experience I met some great freelancers that would come through that I'm still friends with to this day. Everyone has their own story of how they was able to break in but in the end how bad do you want to work in this industry there's nothing wrong with interning at a place you will gain alot of valuable experience if its for a good place.
  11. TrenZ

    Tim's Reel 2012

    I liked the intro that was a neat idea
  12. TrenZ

    headphones for freelancers

    I've been using beats by dre for about a year now and love them I use them everyday at work and the gym and they are still in perfect shape. The thing I like best about then is the wire can detach from the headphones itself so if you catch a snag it wont destroy your headset the wire will just pop off then you can reattach it.