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  1. smaulz

    First Reel

    LOL Binky, whether I get the job or not, you're awesome. I feel like picking a fight with someone now.
  2. smaulz

    First Reel

    Binky, that's a great idea. Did you see any pieces that I should remove and replace with the vignettes you mentioned? Should I add more and pad the reel out to 60 seconds or so? Was the timing and flow okay? As far as branding, you're absolutely correct. The contact info was an afterthought at best, and it was stupid to half ass it. In all honesty though, I'm probably closer to the first guy than the dude with the lions, but I'm sure I can find a middle ground somewhere.
  3. smaulz

    First Reel

    Not at all. Most of the pieces were done between '04 and this year. As I mentioned, I usually do print and web stuff, but don't get many opportunities to mograph (yes, I used that as a verb). The position I'm hoping for would entail mostly AE/C4D work in a broadcast production environment (small market), which is a great step to take at this stage in my 'career'. Freelance has been fun, but I'm ready to move on for a while (read "steady paycheck"). Sadly no, the fire is stock. Thanks for taking a look, I welcome critiques.
  4. smaulz

    First Reel

    In the interest of preserving my already fragile and bruised ego, I swore I'd never post any of my admittedly amateurish work here. Well, I guess it's time to put on the big boy pants and suck it up because I need new eyes on this crap. I have the opportunity to work for a place that will vastly increase my experience, skills, and overall likeability as a person, but I needed a reel. So I made one. Didn't have much to work with (90% of my stuff is print/web), but I hope I've sufficiently hidden that fact. Have at it, be brutal. I'm not looking for a friendship here, just honest, workable critique. If it sucks donkey balls, say so. I don't want to blow an opportunity by handing over a sh*tty reel. (Yes Ridvan, I did use your tutorial, and yes, I shamelessly added that to my reel. Hope you don't mind.) By the way, the contact details are blurred because I don't want this attached to my name until I'm sure it doesn't completely suck.
  5. No problem. The bigger ones are Bozel, Redstone, Bailey Lauerman (Lincoln), Clark Creative, Skar (sorta), Sleight (avoid), and probably a few others but that's all I can think of right now.
  6. There are a few small shops, but most of the agencies I work with use freelancers or in-house guys. I think it's such a small market that to support a business, you have to be able to do a little bit of everything; web, print, mograph, etc.
  7. Wow, hugely generous Lennart, but I still consider my purchase of SCP money VERY well spent!
  8. smaulz

    Shop Vac

    Probably old news around here, but just came across it on Gizmodo of all places. Diggin' it, but then again, I'm pretty easy.
  9. As far as I'm concerned, the Obama administration is the perfect example of the potential harm of what we do here, and is a perfect excuse for me to now seek out an exciting career in electronics, or perhaps the food service industry.
  10. Been using FontExpert for a couple years now. Tons of preview/print options, searching/browsing/rating options, group/library options, duplicate/corrupt font handling, missing font plugins for InDesign, etc. etc. It's not free, but definitely worth the price of admission. http://www.proximasoftware.com/fontexpert/ And no, I don't work for 'em, I just love the product.
  11. LOL Nice, your reel made Fleshbot & Gizmodo. http://fleshbot.com/5577682/the-best-and-sexiest-motion-graphics-of-adult-entertainment
  12. Did something similar with fire footage being reflected in some really chromey text. IIRC, I just used an image sequence in the reflection channel of the text material. Worked great.
  13. Definitely the pinnacle of his acting career.
  14. Are you kidding? Weak story line, mindless violence, and most likely a predictable ending, it's perfect! @Trione, Segal's gotten too fat from riding around in police cars and eating donuts; Dunno about Van Damme; Cage turned them down because they wouldn't let him use his stupid fake southern accent.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbsiVpKavVI&feature=player_embedded I won’t spoil the surprise except to say that it was written and directed by Stallone as a tribute to flicks of decades past and that you shouldn’t look away or else you’ll miss some killer uncredited “was that who I think it was?” cameos. If you’re a fan of 80s action blockbusters, you will plotz.... oh yes...
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