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  1. Enjoyed the spot. Enjoyed the humor. Glad you kept some of the props dated...like the rolodeck...would like to have seen more of that carried through. I like the "hometown" feel to it, though for some reason it seems a bit to clean. Not rustistic (rural) enough. Great work on the talent. My 2 cents. As you were! cheers! _pixel
  2. On top of what most of these gents have said...a bit more intergration would help...to me its just layered on. Maybe a little light wrap...some slight compositing luv. Cheers! _pixel
  3. Hello, I read past the current post as I wanted to post a bit unbiased. I would cut the reel down....I didnt even make it through half-way. And I'm not trying to be prick or what not I just think you can look around at some of the edits done on here and you can find a nice way of posting your work without making someone sit through every spot. Ive worked on some uninteresting things...but the goal is to show the highlights of that job. Coporate or not...there is always an option to make it more appealing in the reel edit. I'm sure most have given solid advice....just take the good..apply it. Cheers!!! _pixelr
  4. Hello, Just seeing if anyone else has gotten this yet? I have a more than adequent video card...etc...didnt have an issue in CS3 after effect cs4 unable to create drawing surface ... Let me know if you have and if you found a fix for it... Cheers!! _pixel
  5. Hey Gents, Want to thank you for the insight and words of advice. Just landed and will get settled over the weekend and off to the races from here. Long drive.... Hopefully I'll catch up with some of you local folke...hit me up. Cheers!!! pixel
  6. Hello Fellow Pixel-pushers, I am currently in Dallas, Texas and I will moving to San Francisco the 2nd week of February and I am looking to meet all freaks out in CA. I look forward to joining the sea of uncertainty that is our economy, but while it's a risk to move at my own expense...it's better than slowly bleeding to death here in Dallas. Dallas has been my home off and on, but time has come to move on. I started in the industry as a print/web world, but moved on to motion for the latter half. The field has taken me from working with ex-promise keepers to working in PORN...(no joke). I know most of the firms and scene are in L.A., but I have a nice temporary setup in San Francisco that will hopefully tide me over until I can either start freelancing or find a permanent spot and a good team. I know San Francisco has quite a good handful of firms and hopefully I can hook it up there. Please drop me a line if you have any insight on freelancing or permanent gigs. Even if there is no opportunity I would still like to drop by the studio and put a mug to a resume/reel. But more or less I am about trying to meet the mograph/designers/3D/compositors/etc... freaks that make up the C.A. scene either for a beer, coffee, or some great strip joint. Looking forward to the looooong ass drive. Cheers!! _t www.pixelronin.com Old Site And Work anthony@pixelronin.com
  7. I have the 9600 with an Intel Quad running XP Pro. So far it's a lot more stable than my last nivida card. And the update is pretty solid...no crashes. so feel safe...I had my last machine melt down...2 bad cd-roms, bad motherboard, power supply went down. cheers!
  8. Thanks for the current feed back. I did the manu spot as freelance with www.nervegasss.com. Aka Jimmy Gass. It was a fun project. This spot was done totally freelance with Raging Bull productions in San Antonio. cheers! -pixel
  9. Hello Ladies and Gents, I have updated my site and reel and have jumped into the murky waters of freelance. Look forward to comments. cheers! www.pixelronin.com -pixelronin
  10. pixelronin


    Yea, its a "Show Reel"....guess that means it can be longer...not sure. But I just checked out DK and they have a "Show Reel" too... Not your typical 2 to 3 second reel... Eh... _pixel
  11. pixelronin


    Just wanted to throw out there that "Janimation" (where I work) has upped its new "Show Reel". Take a look...enjoy. Janimation 2007 Show Reel _pixel
  12. Ah, the sweet memories of Noof...I too am an ex-TENNER...when I lived in Denver... Good times... ***whatever happend to TDA, they stop doing motion? _pixel
  13. Thanks everyone for the posts....I got it going...ended up being lots of roto, color correction, and keying...but went smoother than I first thought. Once again, thanks... _pixel
  14. Hello gents/ladies, Ok happy new year good stuff. I have a shot I need to composite a lab scene where the techs are mixing various liquids (red, yellow, green, orange). I figure I can do a color correction on those, but when they mix them into a flask I need to turn the liquid a milky white with some sort of glow...trying to avoid tracking the shot, but not sure what my options are yet as I havent gotten the footage yet. The shot is 3-4 secs with the tech then stirring the mixture together before the cut scene. But I need to try and keep this photorealistic. I've been asked to become a stronger compositor which is great...but just need a few tips/tricks. Any help is welcome. Thank you, *if there is any other info I've left that you would need to know...just let me know. _pixel
  15. I was a shotgun shell away from destroying my XBOX 360 due to the lack of true nextgen quality games. Everything had issues. Madden 07 (and the rest of EA) sucked. The game lagged between cut scenes, it still had bad camera angles, ran way to slow... Don't get me wrong...there were some pretty games, but once that was consumed...it still sucked. I was waiting for GOW to see if it was all the hype. For me, it makes up for all those half assed games. Hopefully games will continue to improve as consoles move forward... _pixel
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