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  1. ducroz

    double reels

    hi mograph - long time! finally managed to get around to doing this. http://vimeo.com/56360307 artwork reel http://vimeo.com/31880448 client reel new work, photos and breakdowns http://www.ducroz.com until next time benjamin
  2. nice one Joe. it takes practice to know how much detail you want to go into when tracing frames. as you + others would know this can drive you mad. in regards to scanning the frames, did you use a multipage scanner? i've got my eye on the multipage scanner - Epson Gt1500, but comes with a large pricetag. not many affordable scanners out there on the market that do multipage feed. looking fwd to seeing more work from you.
  3. thanks man, I do what I can. hope your project comes together smoothly.
  4. thx douwe. this works, but not for a looping deformation...for a reason i'm sure i found the point cache does cache spline animation points only when intermediate points of the spline are set to adaptative. i can live with this solution. thx for the help!
  5. hello. i was forwarded this thread http://mograph.net/b...showtopic=14609 although I'm sure it works, post is from 2008, any other way to do this? i simply need to get PLA for the resulting animation made by a displacer to a spline. i've used the point cache tag on a spline which has a deformer in it with animated noise. when I press calculate it does its thing, i then turn off the deformer and nothing is cached. i try the same thing on a polly...it works. thx for help.
  6. thx guys. 1st solution worked for me. perfect.
  7. hi. i'm trying to have a camera follow an object that is moving along a spline using spline wrap. is it possible? anybody know how to do this? any help much appreciated...thx
  8. hi. i'm looking for agencies or places that rep realtime / interactive artists or studios. does anybody know of any others than... nexusproductions blinkart rabbitcontent brandnewschool ? input much appreciated!
  9. thanks for help! NAB thread? what is this?
  10. i've tried making xref of baked sequence, but no go. is there a way to reverse the baked simulation in c4d? many thx
  11. SUPER! thx heaps for taking the time...that really helped!
  12. i've got many puppet pins animating an object and would like to add wiggle to each pin using one wiggle controller. i've got as far as making a null with a point controller, adding the wiggle script to the point controller and then parenting each pin position to the point controller. this works, but makes all the pins wiggle to the same wiggle position relative to the point controller. i'd like them all to wiggle at different points of their own, keeping the whole one controller setup. this is the script i added to each pin: effect("Puppet").arap.mesh("Mesh 1").deform("Puppet Pin 29").position+thisComp.layer("wiggle_controller").effect("Point Control")("Point") this is the script that i added to the point controller: transform.position.wiggle(25,2) any help, greatly appreciated, i'm surprised i've got it to work this far.
  13. this is a good start... ...thanks
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