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  1. Looks good man, will you be VJing any of this live at Electric Zoo?
  2. i like it, it's wierd enough that it works. i wish it didn't have the words & clip art, i wish they conveyed somehow in the circuit board language.
  3. they can animate by hand, flipbook style scan in the frames, playback in quicktime or AE. let them see how long that takes and if they don't finish they fail. "my pencil was too slow" is not an excuse.
  4. http://www.apple.com/pro/profiles/ archive of great design studios and design related films/profiles here....
  5. paccollective

    C4d suff

    this is cool, many thanks.
  6. i use both C4D and Max extensively. it's not a big deal to switch. you'll find C4D is easier but also less complex - you won't have as many options, toggles, modifiers as you do with Max. also, i'm not happy with Cinema's Advanced Render module as a serious animation renderer - it does a great job but is way too slow most of the time (and before anyone quips about baking, baking textures is dumb and if anything is moving in the scene it doesn't make sense). Max has more options in this regard. i'm running tests with Maxwell so regardless of platform, my images will look the same and render times will be predictable. <<i'm skeptical of Maxwell too, so we'll see... all of that being said, i really am a huge fan of Cinema - and for the money it is incredibly reasonable. i haven't hit any "ceilings" with it and C4D is incredibly stable.
  7. if you are freelancing, use your real name. employers don't want to work with people who could become future competition.
  8. yeah, unfortunately, the poll doesn't let you vote multiple times for different 3D packages. (or i couldn't figure it out)
  9. This is the second part, what 3D app does the studio you work at use, or if a freelancer, do you find most studios using.
  10. I'm interested in market shares and I can't find a good recent statistical breakdown that reflects CG tools in a motion graphic context. Please vote!
  11. one of many i waited up for on the 'ol Skinomax as a young lad. Reform School Girls
  12. side note... same thing in 2D: http://www.motionscript.com/mastering-expr...uto-orient.html
  13. last one... context: client's office full of regular 'ol G4 and G5 macs, nothing special. interactive designer: "so, here is how the layout and navigation will work on the touchscreen displays. we made this for your review." me: [i put the CD into a G4 with a regular mac display.] client: [amused look on her face.] interactive designer: "so, during the opening, these buttons layout the menus..." [screen defaults to full screen mode, animated navigation elements appear on mac display] client: [quickly grabs her mac monitor with both hands and rotates it 90 degrees, this makes since, because the interactive layout is for 16:9 vertical. HOWEVER, she then starts tapping the buttons that have appeared on her mac display] "hmmmm... i can't get these to work, did the interactive crash? interactive designer: "uhmm... no, you have to use the mouse." client: "but i thought this was for touchscreen" interactive designer: "right, but... the interactive program doesn't turn your monitor into a touchscreen, you have to buy a touchscreen monitor for that kind of interactivity" me: [snorting profusely as i contain my laughter]
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