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  1. Anybody know who did them and where I could watch them again? Specifically, the black and white photos with text introducing the upcoming performers - not the stage background stuff.
  2. http://www.cbs.com/specials/victorias_secret/ I loved the set design. Does anyone know how they did the backdrop displays/animations? I mean, how are they displayed? A friend tells me U2 is using similar technology. The, umm, lingerie was captivating as well.
  3. cleigh

    News Source

    Agreed. I use newsmap.
  4. Word. Growing up, my dad always talked about the people he worked "with." Eventually I learned that they technically worked "for" him. It's just one word but it makes a huge difference. People came out of the woodwork to attend his retirement party.
  5. I need to create the effect of a camera zooming from outer space to a particular location. Can someone advise me on the best way to achieve this, legally? I mean, I know how to stitch together still images...I want to know if there are companies that provide high res images or even animations for this purpose? The client is willing to pay. Where do commercials/movies go to create this effect? Inquiries to Google have not been returned. Thank you.
  6. Thank you for this. I watched the first 3 in one sitting and the 4th the next evening.
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    Save Hollywood

    I recently found this and really like it. I'll come back to my desk and end up watching a lot of the reels I've saved over the years that, otherwise, would just sit on my hard drive.
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