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  1. As edrhine mentioned, you can use ExpressionToolbox with the library stored on your dropbox. ft-Toolbar can also work this way, btw, so you can have your custom toolbar on any machine you use. However, if you still want to learn scripting fxphd is re-running my Intro to AE scripting course this term: http://bit.ly/HO102d -Lloyd
  2. This is incorrect. It sounds like maybe you have an issue with your network. With the 'skip existing files' aerender will place a 0k file before it starts rendering to let other nodes know that they should not render that frame. In cases where there's many nodes (like a lot) and the network doesn't have the bandwidth to support all the nodes rendering continuously it's possible that two nodes will try to write the 0k file at the exact same time but that would be a very rare case and would only cause that node to stop rendering, the rest of the nodes would continue rendering without being affected by this condition. Splitting the render in even chunks is a really bad idea because you will inevitably always end up with idle machines and frankly that's what I would 'beware' of ;-) -Lloyd
  3. It's really easy to line things up. Check out the demo for the Plexus OBJ Exporter to see how to do it.
  4. Arrange Project Items Into Folders should do the trick: http://aescripts.com/arrange-project-items-into-folders/ But for a better workflow tool if you work with image sequences a lot is Immigration http://Aescripts.com/immigration it has an option to mirror the finder folder hierarchy so if your sequences are arranged in folders I the finder they will be imported with the same folder structure Lloyd
  5. Sure, i made a super simple project to illustrate the problem. This is what the blur SHOULD look like: This is what it looks like when using the motion vector pass from C4D: This is the raw motion vector pass: Here is a link to the c4d project: http://shake.com/temp/m_vectors_bug.c4d In case it gets corrupted on d/l here is a zip with the same file: http://shake.com/temp/Archive.zip
  6. I see. One thing I could do is add a decay parameter so you could get a curve like that with a little tweaking. Would that help in a pinch?
  7. Yeah, what you describe would be more involved. Out of curiosity what are you trying to achieve with this script? And btw, if you do write it yourself we'd be happy to host it on aescripts. Lloyd
  8. Thanks for the reply but scale is not my problem. The direction of the vectors is all wrong. And I am running the latest version according to the updater anyway.
  9. Haha.. Kind of. I used LayerRandomShifter (http://aescripts.com/layerrandomshifter) as a starting point and modified as necessary to make this one. -Lloyd
  10. Here you go: LayerCurveShifter. Shift layers based on a sine curve. http://aescripts.com/layercurveshifter/ Cheers, Lloyd
  11. Just started working with R12 and the motion vector pass is not right. Did it break in this version? Since there's nothing to set besides turning it on I am at a loss to what to do to fix it. Anyone else experiencing problems with them? Thanks
  12. Anything is possible :-) How do you launch your Maya renders? -Lloyd
  13. You are correct, it is an interface to the command line renderer so if you know how to setup a command line argument to set off a render that will trigger an email with render log attached only if there was an error during the render then you probably don't have much use for it. To get a notification on your android you can use the send SMS option. To get push notifications, turn on growl notifications and use the growl for android app. Here's more info on that: http://code.google.com/p/growlforandroid/ Cheers, Lloyd
  14. As long as the terminal doesn't crash (which is very rare) you should still get a notification with the logged error. It's hard to test every crashing scenario of course so if you it does happen to you I would love to hear how BG Renderer did in either case. Cheers, Lloyd
  15. Forgive the self-promotion but wanted to let you guys know that today I released BG Renderer 2.0 for After Effects. It is completely re-written from the ground up to be meaner, leaner and more productive. Also it is fully CS5 compatible and you should not see any more of the Terminal issues from the previous versions. The new Pro version includes some exciting new post render actions including notifications to email (with render log), sms and even iPhone push notifications plus many more new features. Check it out here: http://aescripts.com/bg-renderer/ Thanks for listening, Lloyd
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