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  1. Does anyone know any good design firms in Nashville. Mostly for print... I know this is mograph, but i really don't know where else to look for "insider" information .
  2. thanks for that valueAtTime(). Most appreciated.
  3. i read what you're saying, but i'm just not understanding . me = newb.
  4. so animate one layer. then set the other layers rotation to valueaAtTime()? but i need to be able to control the speed of the flips. I need to be able to pause on a page, then go to the next one, etc. I used another method that doesn't need a global variable... It works, but if you think your method would still be more efficient, could you please explain a bit more...
  5. I'm animating a magazine with flipping pages. I'm trying to control the page turns with one controller. The theory is to wait for the other page to complete it's turning before this one can turn. Thus this angle limits. These will change as the revolutions go up in the global controller. If someone has another idea, that would be great . I will try that #include statement. I was wondering if AE did that. Thanks graymachine. //Sets the layers above & below for future referencing. layerAbove = thisComp.layer(index-1); layerBelow = thisComp.layer(index+1); if((layerAbove.transform.yRotation==(0||180))||layerBelow.transform.yRotation==0) { if(thisComp.layer("Null 1").effect("Angle Control")("Angle")<=360) { 0; } else if(thisComp.layer("Null 1").effect("Angle Control")("Angle")>=540) { 180; } else { thisComp.layer("Null 1").effect("Angle Control")("Angle"); } } else {transform.yRotation=0;}
  6. hmmm... well the thing is, it's going to be a cascading effect involving over 100 layers. I want the layer below to read a specific value from the layer above... it's not a huge deal, i'll just have to manually encode the specific values....
  7. Is there a way to grab the value of a variable in another layer? layer1{n=180} layer2{n=thisComp.layer1.variable('n') + 5} i know this isn't the correct syntax, but that's what i envision in my mind. any help would be great . thanks.
  8. very nice reel sir.
  9. would nesting it in a comp, lowering that comp's frame rate, and then clicking the "keep nested frame rate option work"? it seems like it would, but i've never really been able to make it work. I've not really invested much time into it though; maybe i'm just doing something wrong...
  10. does it have to be a specific length? It seems that you could shorten it to a :30 piece... It seems to hang in a few places... And i agree with 7twelve: if you can, fix the "b".
  11. search engines can't read your flash file's text. so if a user is searching for something in your "content", it won't pull up...
  12. a little late.... Lo Jack for Laptops, but maybe useful in the future. I have it on my Macbook... Hopefully i'll never have to use it .
  13. i use to use it in 6.5 with no problem. it's normal purpose was to "smooth" out the end and beginning of keyframes so the camera doesn't seem so bumpy... i'm still new to the graph editor.... oh, and mylenium, it says this expression result should be a dimension of 3, not 1... thanks anyways
  14. when i apply the smooth expression, example: smooth(width = .2, samples = 5, t = time), i get these weird mishaps. Random values are placed in and cause the image (in this case a rotation) to "jump" around... is this a CS 3 bug?
  15. christianchoice

    New Work

    nice. i especially like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon.
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