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  1. Haha, this is funny re socialists and muslims . How many americans have passports anyways . Visit mid italy, south france, swiss, go right to austria, down to slovenia, down to croatia, fly from there to scandinavia and from there to portugal.
  2. Well, have you guys saw any of Maya reels? Some of the stuff in it was modeled in maya, rendered in Prman, animated in XSI, composited in Shake and particles were done in Houdini. And textures in Bodypaint. So do they have the right to put in the LOTR clips?
  3. dont like the US version too much, but the BBC one is fantastic.
  4. Our company ditched Maya for Cinema a long time ago, but until version 10 we've been character animating in Maya only. Since version 10 Cinema has very decent CA tools, not there with maya yet to be honest, but they are still very solid and production ready.
  5. Andraz

    New Styleframes

    Texture, motive, lighting, shadow rich, polished, with heaps of small elements, combined all together = often tacky. Not this stuff of course.
  6. Andraz

    New Styleframes

    Looks very americanish, but still, hats off! Its great. when do we see the animations?
  7. hahaha, this is so true. And whats even more true, if you consider yourself (I do for example) funny, then with a tool like this, you get a huge reality check. I am not funny at all and thats why women hate me. Hmm. gonna sit in that corner. PS: bitmap export will be implemented in a few days.
  8. The guys at Stripgenerator (with a little help from me ) have updated their online strip comic creation tool called Stripgenerator with blogging ability and some other pretty cool stuff. In its core its still flash powered engine with preset characters and objects for those who cannot draw but have something to say and want to create comics. I recon it can be a pretty cool waste of time for mographers. It is for me while rendering. Link >>>
  9. Every single render engine I have tried so far has GI flickering problem. Vray, Final Render, Mental Ray, Cinema advanced renderer. Unless prebaked or presaved as a photon distribution. But that only works with camera movement. Gradient shadows (hard-soft) are pretty much everywhere created with area ligts and they dont require GI rendering and are not problematic.
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