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  1. http://grunshaw.co.uk/ Hey guys. It's been a VERY long time but I though I'd share my new reel and site on mograph.net Hope you like it! Cheers, Neil
  2. actually, just used the mograph random effector to mess up my object a bit. As explained below. Sorted! http://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/index.php?showt...hl=paper+shader
  3. Some great animation tips in here. I'm doing some animated text that I'm going to composite into a stop motion scene and have had no problems with the animation, but the texturing is a bit of a bitch. Anyone got any tips for achieving a look so that the text looks like it's been constructed from paper? I've done a reasonable job so far but it's still not quite right...
  4. Hello! I'm messing around with GI for a pitch, I really need the shadows to look clean, but they come out really dirty, like grubby paper. Would anyone be able to offer any advice on how to clean them up? Thanks in advance!
  5. there probably is (seems daft not to have an equivalent of the stroke layer effect in photoshop). What I normally do is use the Glow plugin, set the glow based on the alpha channel, threshold on 100%, radious on 5, intensity on 50. Should give you a nice outline.
  6. anyone found a solution to this yet?
  7. You should try Scott Frizzle's fantastic Quaker animation preset: http://www.scottfrizzle.com/free.html
  8. never mind, i've just found this place: ribbit films
  9. Hi! I'm sure of many of you have seen this tutorial in your time. I need to make a crowd for a spot, but we don't have time to do a green screen shoot. Would anyone be able to point me in the direction of any stock footage sites which might have this sort of thing? I'm not having much luck Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi mographers I've recently taken the leap from C4D 9.6 to 10, but i'm having serious speed issues when animating. Basically, as soon as I hit play it takes 2-3 seconds to play 1 second on the timeline, even with really basic scenes (like 1 sphere object). The funny thing is it plays normally if the timeline window is closed.... Has anyone experienced anything similar? Cheers for any help! btw i'm on a dual 2.5 G5 with 2.5 gig of ram
  11. I started as a runner on 12k Then I got promoted to designer after 10 months or so @ 18k After 3 years I was only on 24k So I left and went freelance for 250 quid a day. w00t! Staff salaries are really shit in london, that's why everyone is freelance! I'd say 20k is the going rate
  12. I see your point, biggie, fair enough. And cheers for checking out my reel! I'm not on here that often, so maybe I don't see a fair representation, but I find it a tad depressing that a naive young hopeful would ask an innocent question and be berated by a load of old hands... I do have a chip on my shoulder about elitism and arrogance in the design world, I suppose it comes from never having formally studied design (I did fine art at uni) and my lack of respect for the integrity of the advertising industry *gives up design *move to rural Scotland to tend an underwater parsley farm
  13. Where i'm from, it's nice to help people out. If you can't be arsed/are to fucking amazing at making toothpaste commercials/etc then ignore the thread maybe? But what the fuck would I know, eh?
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