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  1. http://www.guerillacg.com/ and search http://infosthetics.com/
  2. Using x.264 really appears to be an elegant solution. Hurray for open source Right now I think I would chose x.264 for either avi, mov or mkv. Could this be the end of the codec war? anyway the article seems to have some incorrections: «QuickTime movies re-exported from applications such has QuickTime Player Pro using the H.264 codec (a common format for web content) appear brighter than the original in some contexts [...] but not in other contexts such as QuickTime Player on Windows, or the stripped-down QT Player inside After Effects.» 1. At least the videos encoded on windows machines will show the gamma shift on quicktime player for windows. 2 GammaStripper from FuelVFX - it as been reported not to work. Never worked for me (I'm on Windows).
  3. forgot to mention... I can't see the movie or the timeline but sound is ok.
  4. Hi! I'm running windows xp and can't see your quicktimes on firefox, works well on internet explorer though. Quicktime v7.5.5 I also don't understand why would you want to to give so much relevance to «Trouble viewing? Try: Firefox»
  5. correct me if i'm wrong but I do believe the problem resides in the quicktime player for windows when the video rendering is in the directX mode (default mode), so there's nothing else you can do other than changing the gamma.
  6. skimmas

    2d mograph?

    You should have added the spoiler tag to that.
  7. Sure it's way more expensive in europe but we all know that we get that hidden little feature that we're not supposed to talk about.
  8. I guess that there would also be OpenFrameworks (somewhat similar to Processing in c++). Secret link for the wiki: http://wiki.openframeworks.cc/
  9. skimmas

    Noob Reel

    Nice to see someone from Portugal. I agree with almost everything that was said before me, I would just like to add that you should pay more attention to some technical details, like badly exposed photographs (krzysztof) and interlaced video (on that part with the planes). One last advice and please don't interpret this as mockery, if you're going to use motion design clichés, don't use the airplanes and the 45º arrows or even the barcodes (I think this was only a trend in Portugal), they're so 2002, use the new ones. good luck.
  10. I'm going to state the obvious now but... What about rendering without sound and joining it after? From my experience After Effects ain't that good handling sound, especially if the source is in any kind of compressed format.
  11. Same here. the rendered videos look ok in after effects but are out of sync in quicktime player. That and the gamma shift when quicktime player video is in directX mode.
  12. and this thread just keeps getting bumped over and over again....
  13. Categories are so last tuesday, use tags. just kidding, well partially. My favorite way to organizing stuff are with digital tools del.icio.us to save bookmarks, mindmeister or freemind for mind maps, and google for the things that I know that are out there but that I really don't want to spend the time organizing. It's kind of hard to answer or specific question because it depends on your particular interests. Just find category names that make sense to you. oh, and I completely agree with AromaKat. I rarely have to return to a tutorial. And if your starting experimentation is just as important as the tutorials. Good luck
  14. I searched the forum and I think no one mentioned this yet but for the few of us that still use 3d max instead of cinema 4d I found a new free plug-in that is able to export camera, point helper and light positions from 3dsmax to after effects. http://ntashev.com/tools.html#maxfxscene I don't really know how this compares to max2ae cause I have never used it. In the MaxFX Scene workflow video presentation, it appears that you have to do a little bit of guess work in the zoom value for the after effects camera, but I think you can get that number from the camera properties in the max camera. Hope that it is useful.
  15. for flv videos: http://www.jeroenwijering.com/?item=JW_FLV_Player
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