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  1. SLI is for games. Never use it in a graphics computer. Some software can use more than one video card, although I don't think C4D standard rendering or After Effects do.
  2. That's a laptop with a really nice touch screen attached.
  3. R18 is ready to download if you have a Maxon eportfolio set up. https://eportfolio.maxon.net
  4. Thanks. I'll download Blender and have a look. It's the stability of Cycles render I was wondering about. Xparticles has been rock solid for me. I've got no doubt the C4D to Cycles bridge will be the same.
  5. The Xparticles guys have said they are going to release a version of Cycles render for Cinema4D. Anyone know about it's quality and stability? I use Octane and love the output, but I feel like I'm in a wrestling match with it's interface sometimes.
  6. http://r18.maxon.net/en/
  7. destro

    new laptop

    I've been using one of these http://www.asus.com/us/site/g-series/ as my mobile mograph computer for about a year (an older model than the latest version). It's big and heavy, but I've had zero problems and made zero modifications. Runs everything including Octane.
  8. destro

    GTX 1080

    We've been getting a low-cost ride for a while by using Nvidia gaming cards as professional render hardware. It has worked wonderfully with all those R&D $$$ from gaming flowing into hardware that can also be used for 3D rendering. I was giving a heads-up that it looks like Nvidia is putting more distance between it's gaming and Pro cards. It's very important to understand what Nvidia is doing as 4 Nvidia cards for a modern GPU based workstation can cost more than the whole rest of the system combined. If that doesn't concern you, that's fine.
  9. destro

    GTX 1080

    I'm not really interested in Nvidia cards for gaming (I've got a PS4 for that). I want them for Mograph use to drive my monitor and render my scenes. The guy who wrote the article is "V-Ray RT GPU Team Lead", so maybe he knows a thing or two about GPU rendering. It looks like more than just the lack of DP. It looks like the 1080 is just Maxwell architecture made with 16nm transistors. Anyway, feel free to vent randomly if it makes you feel good.
  10. destro

    GTX 1080

    http://code-bg.com/blogo/?p=1494 Looks like Nvidia is starting to shift more of the high end features off the gaming cards and exclusively putting them into the "Pro" ones
  11. destro

    GTX 1080

    Wait for a while. The 1080 uses the new Pascal architecture. It will take a while for Mograph software optimization and benchmarking to let us know what the usable power per dollar is.
  12. Octane V3 news https://home.otoy.com/octanerender-3-and-roadmap-update/
  13. This gives amazing detail to the maps World Machine can generate. http://www.quadspinner.com/geoglyph/
  14. The details: http://www.maxon.net/en/news/singleview-default/article/maxon-now-offering-short-term-licenses-for-cinema-4d-studio.html
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