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  1. quality will be identical to cycles for blender, so pretty good. you can follow all blender tutorials without trouble.


    stability is hard to guage. its still in beta.. so no one can really tell you. But they do a pretty good job with xparticles, i guess it'll be similar.


    Thanks. I'll download Blender and have a look.


    It's the stability of Cycles render I was wondering about. Xparticles has been rock solid for me. I've got no doubt the C4D to Cycles bridge will be the same.

  2. We've been getting a low-cost ride for a while by using Nvidia gaming cards as professional render hardware. It has worked wonderfully with all those R&D $$$ from gaming flowing into hardware that can also be used for 3D rendering.


    I was giving a heads-up that it looks like Nvidia is putting more distance between it's gaming and Pro cards.


    It's very important to understand what Nvidia is doing as 4 Nvidia cards for a modern GPU based workstation can cost more than the whole rest of the system combined. If that doesn't concern you, that's fine.


    Not really. The article you linked doesn't even have much relevance for gaming. Double precision in that case are more of an "would be nice" thing for simulations and certain clipping calculations, but it's not essential, even more so since the game engines and APIs do not even have features that would use such a DP infrastructure. It might one day become more relevant, but at this point this is merely a citizen of Nerdistan obsessing about made up "deficiencies" of an retail card vs. an architecture for scientific use. If at all I would imagine all developers of GPU renderers facepalming themselves for nVidia leaving them hanging in mid air without hardware DP support...




    I'm not really interested in Nvidia cards for gaming (I've got a PS4 for that). I want them for Mograph use to drive my monitor and render my scenes.


    The guy who wrote the article is "V-Ray RT GPU Team Lead", so maybe he knows a thing or two about GPU rendering.


    It looks like more than just the lack of DP. It looks like the 1080 is just Maxwell architecture made with 16nm transistors.


    Anyway, feel free to vent randomly if it makes you feel good.

  4. I just saw two check-ins go into the code: one to fix the Collect Files bug and the other to fix the non-real-time playback of cached frames on El Capitan. Presuming that these fixes are validated in testing, I expect them to come in the next After Effects update, which is currently targeted for this spring.


    And that is my last post on this forum as an Adobe employee.


    Victoria started last week, and I'm just around for a few more weeks to train her.


    Thanks, all. It's been nice knowing you. When I started posting on here in 2007, someone warned me that you were all a bunch of assholes, and I should not bother. Turns out that you're my kind of assholes, and your deep knowledge and concern about the software that I was working on was immensely helpful in me doing my job.


    Thanks for all the work Todd. I was actively looking at jumping ship from After Effects until you pointed the software in the direction of high performance over endless new "features" of dubious value.


    I've never understood why some people get offended by honest, informed criticism. I've found it to be gold and those who give it to be the exact opposite of assholes.


    Best of luck with your next project.

  5. If you are building from scratch, the motherboard you choose is very important for Octane.


    You'll want as many PCI slots as possible for video cards. Look at 3 as the minimum.


    Octane licences are counted per computer, so adding a second and third video card can double and triple your rendering power with no additional software costs.



    Anyway my point is: wouldn't it be great if there was an OS which wasn't targetted at regular consumers, but at professionals? Nicely designed, everything has nice shortcuts, organizational tools, advanced tag system for all files, not just photos and videos. fast preview tools like apple used to have with the space bar. A back up system which will work with your chosen provider...





    I would be interested in a bit of software that does these things, but runs inside of Windows. Sort of like a Windows Explorer alternative aimed at design people.


    Adobe Bridge tries to do some of it....but not well enough.

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