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  1. This made me giggle. You are now an organic bipod. And that is a real lens....Sigma 200-500 f/2.8 EX DG APO
  2. Learn the difference between 'picky' and intelligent criticism. It's really important.
  3. destro

    Long time no see!

    I've been told by a couple of guys with skinny jeans and wacky glasses i.e. REAL DESIGNERs, that creative work can't be done on PCs because they aren't creative computers. IT'S LIKE ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE!!!
  4. destro

    Long time no see!

    It's easy to spot returning old-timers...they all look like this:
  5. The experience you need isn't necessarily tied directly to animation and video production. Once you have a job in any creative industry you will get insights and opportunities that at the moment are not available to you. The closer the job is to the destination you are aiming for the better, but the really important thing is that you start the ball rolling. It's about maintaining momentum throughout your career. Getting started is by far the hardest part. It's old advice but it's eternally relevant: "Start, continue..."
  6. The university isn't going to tell you that what they are selling isn't the most valuable asset you can own. It's a business. They will hype what they sell. What the employers DO care about is the survival of their business. You've proved you can make it in an academic environment but your performance in a real-world situation is still an unknown. You need to mitigate the risk you pose to a potential employer. The best way to do that is to provide real-world proof though experience in real-world situations. There are always far more people wanting jobs in Motion Graphics than there are positions available. If you really want to do this, be prepared to dig in and put up with some less-than-ideal situations to give you opening.
  7. "Cinematic" sure does get overused. Usually by mischievous marketing folks. By cinematic I'm mostly talking about the 5Ds huge sensor and it's ability to shoot video through a beautiful EF lens. No video RAW is the big let down.
  8. I like DSLR video (I've got a 5D II) but only because it lets me get a small taste of what shooting cinematic style footage is like without paying for a cinema camera. The hype around the 5Ds video shouldn't be about the quality but about the added value if what you are primarily after is a camera that shoots great stills.
  9. It seems a bit strange to directly compare the video from both cameras when one is a stills cam that does video as an add-on, and the other is a purpose built video camera. If the BM cam didn't blow the 5D away for video it would be a complete failure.
  10. yup, and put something original on it unless you want a job as a button-pusher.
  11. Yep, no enemies...if everyone believed the same thing the forum would be pointless. BF3 new DLC "Armoured Kill"...it's kinda like playing BF2 again and to me that's a VERY good thing.
  12. destro

    AE6 has arrived

    It can't still be 2003. Someone mentioned Apple but no vicious flame war broke out.
  13. destro

    smashLAB promo

    I liked it. The only thing I sort of didn't like was the voice-over halting for a second here and there. Seemed like the VO was stopping just to let the graphics play. But yeah....nice stuff.
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    Not really a podcast, but near enough. http://comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com/
  15. destro


    HARDtalk - one on one interviews, new shows every 2-3 days, IQ above 50 required. http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/ht
  16. This is something you simply MUST do. I suspect the positive feedback is coming from their friends or other students online. If they want a career making glitter covered turds for their friends or cheap commodity graphics for a production line then they are on the right track. Bringing in guest speakers from the industry as you mentioned should sort the problem out quickly. Having someone who actually does the hiring telling the students their reel will go straight in the bin if it contains tutorial exercises could save a lot of broken hearts when they start looking for an opening.
  17. Now you've got advice from both sides of the coin now. Concept and execution. To put things into context, I'm more focused on the tech/execution side of Motion Graphics. Binky is more of into the conceptual side of things. Most people doing Motion Graphics know both but tend to focus more on one than the other. Some of the best designers whose storyboards I've animated know next to nothing about, nor care about animation tools. I do think of Motion Graphics as Graphic Design in motion. In a way I think of Graphic Design as still Motion Graphics as the eye can be directed to move instead of the work. When I was saying there is always more to learn I was referring mostly to the tools. I should really have pointed that out. Illustrator and Photoshop advance at a slow pace. 3D animation software like Cinema 4D makes massive jumps with each version. To stay up-to-date with Motion Graphics tools requires a larger commitment of time than is the case with purely stills based tools.
  18. Are you personally more interested in Motion Graphics or Graphic Design? A career in Motion Graphics is like running a continuous marathon...no matter how much you learn there is always much more to know. If you don't have a genuine heart-felt love for the medium, you would be better off avoiding it.
  19. I've worked in small, medium and large businesses. What I've found is that the number of layers of management between those who pay for the work and those who do the work = the amount of dodgy politics I have to deal with. Thriving creatively in a large company is 70% politics / 30% design but then you don't have to spend time running your own business either. I agree with Dans harsh view. "Put up or shut up". Getting frustrated about the situation is a waste of energy.
  20. I'm filling out my Expressions / Javascript skills at the moment. This site has a good collection of resources if you want to learn more. http://www.motionscript.com/
  21. On a slight tangent: This doco is out now. I haven't seen it yet. Some big names in there talking about film and digital. http://vimeo.com/35206631
  22. I think you need to consult a lawyer. Just like any competent professional they should end up saving you money in the long run. I suspect the hard part will be finding a good one that knows our industry.
  23. If you want to dip your toes in the water before jumping in you can buy a standard cheap PC box from any computer store. No mouse / keyboard / monitor / wifi or separate graphic card, just a plain box with an OS pre-installed. If you want to render AE projects you will need to ask the shop to install a decent amount of RAM, but other than that you should be fine with a standard consumer level PC. This will let you make sure your networking and software is solid with a simple one-node system before spending a lot of cash. From there you can buy more plain boxes but with powerful processors and use the consumer level PC as your server. Over time just buy more boxes and plug them into the network. If you need more processing power in a hurry you can plug as many laptops as you can find into your network and use them as render nodes. If you do end up with lots of render nodes (like 6 or more) you'll probably need to swap the server over to one of the more powerful boxes. This system does take up more space and in the long run costs more than a single dedicated render unit, but it's super easy to put together and you can scale it up and down as needed.
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    I've seen that happen when the setting under RENDER SETTINGS / LIGHTING / ADD LIGHTING is set to "100 Ambient".
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