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    The issue I was having with importing C4D models from a NAS drive has been fixed in the 1.0.345 update.
  2. "Design in a click"....how about GTFO
  3. The engineers were correct in a way. If it's not interlaced then it's not broadcast quality, it's cinema quality
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0xVp3N-M84
  5. Getting a big power supply is a good idea. It doesn't just mean you can add more components without needing to upgrade the unit. It will be more reliable as it is under less strain at the same load. It you are rendering to client deadlines, saving a few bucks on a cheap power supply can be a monumental false economy. I've seen a few rendering machines die. Most were either power supplys that over-worked themselves to an early grave or components on a cheap motherboard that gave out.
  6. I just can't resist the temptations of the comfy sofa.
  7. There is no way an xbox 360 or a PS3 will run anything close to that quality in real-time. Maybe a PS4 or xbox720? (next gen, next gen... ) might get close. I'm still addicted to BF3 on PS3.
  8. At the point the Net gets fast and cheap enough to compete directly with TV you will probably be hired by the same Ad agencies to make HD commercials for the Net.
  9. Catch.com is handy for organising collaborative data. You might be able to set up the structure you need using streams and hash tags. It's handy in that it's accessible by web / android / iphone. There's a 3 stream limit in the free service so it will probably mean you'll need to pay a subscription fee to get the most out of it. There are a few other services out there doing the same thing. I like Catch mostly because it's got a nice clean interface.
  10. destro


    Another possible bug that needs squashing: If I save a 3D model from Cinema 4D R13 to my local drive I can then import the model into Elements with no problems. If I save the same 3D model from Cinema 4D to our NAS drive and then import it into Elements it opens with no geometry. The model path shows the path to the model correctly but "meshes" and "vertices" are 0.
  11. Once fibre is rolled out around the world the price of data per unit will plummet while at the same time the speed rockets. There is nothing inherently expensive about moving data around once the physical connections are in place. The interesting commercial battles will be fought over content. Who makes it and who distributes it. I can see the big players will have a harder time as the barriers to entry become less expensive. All good news for us. More content created by more entities means more demand for motion design work.
  12. I think this still holds up well after 14 years. And the story - it's timeless. http://vimeo.com/23191218
  13. Too much "how" without first understanding "why" does make me do this:
  14. Lucky I skipped breakfast this morning.
  15. ha ha..so true. I was working with a very experienced After Effects guy once. He had never used a 3D program in his life, but was able to read my Cinema 4D graph editor curves like a champ.
  16. I think it's largely decided by what you're interested in and by the regular work that is available where you are. My entire nation has less people than many cities so there are very few specialised motion graphics roles around. I enjoy a variety of work so that works out well for me. Of course the Internet is changing everything. Once HD video communications are cheap and easy I can see physical location becoming less important.
  17. I'll check that one out. I've been using Jango and 8tracks. ah poos....Songza won't work outside of the USA.
  18. destro


    I could use it on some projects and it's a great price considering how much time it could save. I would prefer things came from the other direction thou. As in true 3D being easier and faster to integrate in AE rather than OPENGL 3D being tacked onto AE's 3D space. If changes in C4D renders and scene files could be updated in AE with the push of a button it would be a bigger help to me than this plugin.
  19. Thanks for the info. I tried a few tests but had the same outcome as you. The models went through the pipe OK but no animation data survived. I'll keep at it for a bit longer but I suspect any solution I find will be a fudge. Our VIZ guy heard from one of the VIZ developers that they are working on a proper solution so it might be sorted in the next VIZ update.
  20. My work is looking at ways to integrate Cinema 4Ds modelling and animation tools with the real-time and interactive abilities of the VIZrt. So far FBX and VRML look like the most likely contenders for an exchange format. Can anyone with experience with this offer any tips before I plough into the task?
  21. Buying cheap PC gear is good, but if you spend $7 on a keyboard you gotta know it's not going to do it's job. Buying the very cheapest brand is usually a bad idea. At least stick to a brand that has a website without spelling mistakes.
  22. I'm guessing many of the forums "guests" are students. Take a look http://www.maxon.net...t-versions.html
  23. I wouldn't recommend any PC brand over another. The best deal can change from week to week. If you're making the shift the PC I'd recommend making a post on this forum saying what you need or how much you have to spend. There are regulars here who keep track of where the current "bang for your buck" in PC based mograph machines is.
  24. My suggestion is that you guys should keep doing what you're doing
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